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When was the Union Trust Bank building built?

It wasn’t by accident that Union Trust Bank erected a building on the northeast corner of East Ninth Street and Euclid Avenue that, when completed in 1924, was reputedly the second or third largest office building in the world with the largest bank lobby in the world.

Where was the antenna located in the Union Trust Building?

The towers and antenna were part of radio station WJAX which broadcast financial news from the 20th floor of the buildng.

How tall is the Union Trust Building in Cleveland?

It displaced the Lennox Building, the Euclid Theater and a number of other smaller commercial buildings. Twenty-one stories tall (including the rooftop penthouse), the building has 146 feet of frontage on Euclid Avenue, 258 feet on East Ninth Street and 513 feet on Chester Avenue, and has more than one million square feet of office space.

Who are the tenants of the Union Trust Building?

The Union Trust Building at 925 Euclid Avenue quickly became one of the most desirable business locations in Cleveland. Among other prominent tenants, it was home to two of the city’s largest and most recognizable law firms, Squires, Sanders and Dempsey, and Baker and Hostetler.

When did Huntington Bank move to public square?

Following the purchase of the building by Huntington Bank in 1983, it became the Huntington Building, once again taking the name of the bank that occupied its grand lobby. That tradition ended in 2011 after Huntington Bank sold the building and moved to the BP Building on Public Square.

Is there a Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati?

With no Federal Reserve System in place, Cincinnati banks open and close frequently in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Numerous banks in Fifth Third’s family tree emerged during this time including Queen City National Bank, Market National Bank, Union Savings Bank and Trust, and Third National Bank. Click read more for more information.