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When did Kim Jong kook and Yoon Eun hye start dating?

Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook’s “love story” began during the hit variety show, X MAN, that aired over 15 years ago. The two were often paired as a couple and rumors began to circulate that they were actually dating!

Who was Kim Jong kook’s partner in Xman?

Kim Jong Kook for all his wonderful talent in singing and showing his wittiness on Xman, and his partner Yoon Eun Hye, thank you both for unlocking a treasure chest of fun and laughter for us. Eun Hye once mentioned in an interview, recording Xman for her was like going for a date once a week.

Why is Yoon Eun-hye not married yet?

Right now, Yoon Eun-hye isn’t married. When she was younger, she dreamed of being a young mom and marrying early. Because she started in the entertainment industry at such a young age, she wanted to have a romantic moment with her loved one.

Is it true that Kim Jong-Kook has a special relationship?

Jong-kook was known to have special feelings for Eun-hye as people referred to them as a popular couple in that program. There was a rumor saying that they were in a relationship at that time. Kim Jong-kook was also known for liking Yoon Eun-hye since he showed affection towards her back then.

What did Kang Ho dong say about Yoon Eun hye?

The comedian used that as a hilarious segue into Yoon Eun Hye and Kim Jong Kook’s past on-air love line. Kang Ho Dong: “Eun Hye, you also had…”

Who was the girl group member with Kim Jong kook?

The former girl group member’s famous love line with Kim Jong Kook from the past became a discussion topic during her time on the JTBC show. It all began when Kang Ho Dong randomly brought up the cast members’ close friendships with the Running Man member. Kang Ho Dong: “Everyone here is close with Kim Jong Kook.”