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What year was Season 7 of American Idol?

American Idol: Season 7 (2008)

Where is Justin Guarini now?

And he’s done a lot of acting on Broadway. Since then, he has also had roles in American Idiot, Wicked, and Romeo and Juliet. Guarini is about to direct a musical for the first time, as he shared on Instagram in October. He is working with musical theater students at Pace University on The Next Big Hit.

Who was against David Archuleta?

David Cook was announced the winner of the competition on May 21, 2008, defeating runner-up David Archuleta by a margin of roughly 12 million votes out of over 97 million, which was at that time the highest recorded vote total in the show’s history.

Who did Adam Lambert lose to?

The final saw Adam Lambert pitted against Kris Allen. Over 100 million votes were cast in that final showdown according to Ultimate Classic Rock, and those Americans declared Allen the winner. There was such a great shock around the results that conspiracy theories arose.

Is Justin Guarini married?

Reina Capodicim. 2009
Justin Guarini/Spouse

He married wife Reina Capodici in September 2009, and welcomed his first child in 2011. “There was a time when I could have thrown down cash for a house, and had any number of lovers in and out the door.

Are Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson friends?

Unfortunately, the pair’s relationship didn’t last very long due to Clarkson’s career taking off. Before confirming their short-lived romance, Guarini played coyed when discussing their relationship with Yahoo in 2012. “Yeah, there was a rumor, definitely. We’ve just always been such good friends,” he said.

How did Archuleta lose?

Does Justin Guarini have a kid?

Guarini and Capodici have two children, 10-year-old William and and eight-year-old Asher, and Capodici also has a daughter from a previous relationship.

Who is the best American Idol contestant ever?

Kelly Clarkson. Of course,Kelly Clarkson has to top this list.

  • Carrie Underwood. In any conversation about successful talent show artists,Carrie is part of the talk.
  • Adam Lambert.
  • Jennifer Hudson.
  • Chris Daughtry.
  • Phillip Phillips.
  • Jordin Sparks.
  • Scotty McCreery.
  • Katharine McPhee.
  • Fantasia Barrino.
  • Who are the top 10 American Idol winners?

    Top 10 American Idol winners 1. Kelly Clarkson (season 1): 2. Ruben Studdard (Season 2) 3. Fantasa Barrino (Season 3) 4. Carrie Underwood (Season 4): 5. Taylor Hicks (Season 5) 6. Jordin Sparks (Season 6) 7. David Cook (Season 7) 8. Kris Allen (Season 8) 9. Scotty Mccreery (season 10) 10. Philip Phillips (season 11)

    Who got kicked off American Idol?

    Here’s The Performance That Got Lauren Daigle Kicked Off American Idol. Apr 5, 2019. Yesterday in Studio C, Lauren Daigle revealed that during her time on American Idol, she felt SO awkward when she had to squeeze into a glittery dress, put on glittery stilettos and sing “Baby Love”.