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What were common British names in the 1700s?

The Top 50 Names in England and Wales in 1700

1 John Mary
2 William Elizabeth
3 Thomas Ann
4 Richard Sarah
5 James Jane

What names were popular in the 1700s?

What were common boy names in the 1700s?

Baby Boy Names From The 1700s

  • Aldous (German origin) means “old and noble”.
  • Alistair (Scottish origin) means “defender of men”.
  • Alton (English origin) means “river settlement”.
  • Apollo (Greek origin) means “to destroy”.
  • Aristotle (Greek origin) means “superior”.
  • Armani (Persian origin) means “freeman”.

What names were popular in the 1600s?

Total Frequency of this Block
Henry 204 George 172 Edward 169 Nicholas 129 James 114 788 (13.2%)
Francis 86 Christopher 80 Edmund 72 Roger 70 Peter 58 366 (6.1%)
Anthony 54 Ralph 51 Walter 47 Barnard 46 Hugh 46 244 (4.1%)
Humphrey 42 Stephen 37 Phillip 34 Simon 31 Matthew 29 173 (2.9%)

What were popular names in the 1700s for girls?

1700s Girl Names

  • Ada (German origin), the name means “nobility”.
  • Agnes (Greek origin), the name means “pure” or “holy”.
  • Alice (French origin), the name means “noble”.
  • Amy (French origin), the name means “friend”.
  • Ann (Latin origin), the name means “the favored one”.
  • Barbara (Greek origin), the name means “strange”.

What are medieval girl names?

Medieval Names for Girls

  • Aalis (Medieval French form of Alice)
  • Aldreda (Medieval English)
  • Amée (Medieval French form of Amy)
  • Amice (from the Latin word for “friend”
  • Bogdana (Bulgarian, Romanian, Slavic, Polish, Serbian)
  • Bozhena (Medieval Slavic)
  • Cateline (Medieval French form of Catherine)

What were common names in the 1700s?

Ranked 208 out of 1,220 baby names in the U.S. Census, Lucy was popular in the 1700s as well. It has a Latin origin and translates to “light.” Several popular variations of the name are Lu, Luci and Lucia. Molly. The name Molly hails from Ireland and was popular in the 1700s.

What are common 18th century names?

use before the late 18th century. Somewhat common as birth names, Addie, Ada, etc. are comparable to the common Eddie. [Aidah, Adie, Adey, Ade, Addiah, Addi, ..

What are some 1800 girl names?

These retro girl names, straight from the list of top baby girl names from the 1800’s, are full of classic, yet surprisingly modern sounding, baby names. Mary. Elizabeth. Margaret. Ida. Clara. Alicia. Florence.