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What was the original name of Bibi Blocksberg?

The title of the series used to be Eene meene Hexerei. This title was used for the first seven episodes, after which the series was renamed to Bibi Blocksberg. The first episodes were later released under the new title and with a new cover. The old episodes are very sought after among collectors.

What kind of Broom does Bibi Blocksberg have?

‘Bibi Blocksberg’ is a German TV Show about a teenage witch and her family. Her mother is a witch too, but not her father (men can’t normally be witches, but there are exceptions). Bibi has a broom that she calls “Mashed Potato” (Kartoffelbrei).

Who is the mayor in the book Bibi Blocksberg?

The Mayor. The Mayor’s name is Bruno Pressak (Pressack is a type of German sausage, as well as a derogatory term for a corpulent person), but he is nearly always referred to as “The Mayor”. He often makes many good promises, but his motive is always only money. He refers to Bibi as “Bibi Blocksbergi”.

How old is Bibi from The Wizard of Oz?

Bibi Blocksberg. Brigitte “Bibi” Blocksberg is a 13-year-old witch girl who has blonde hair tied to a pony tail with a red bow and wears a green dress (green is her favourite colour) and white socks. Bibi likes to use her magical powers to play practical jokes. Not only the mayor, but also the school principal,…

Who is Bibi Blocksberg’s aunt Cecily Thunderstorm?

Cecily Thunderstorm is Bibi’s aunt from Ireland and also a witch. She first appears in episode #8, and afterwards in episodes #36 and #82. She is married to Patrick Thunderstorm, who, like Bernard Blocksberg, has no magic powers.

What’s the name of the reporter in the blockberg family?

Karla is a reporter, who is always looking for a big story. She is good friends with the Blocksberg family and often helps them. She often rides a motorcycle on her job. Her notable attributes are her high-pitched, shrill voice and loud laugh, her habit of talking very quickly and her catchphrase Sensationell!.