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What was the dogs name in Lab Rats?

He is the first pet in the cast of Lab Rats. Otis had bionic powers. Otis was Douglas’s long lost dog, until he one day showed up on the island.

What dog breed is Otis from Lab Rats?

Border Collie
Jumpy the Dog is the dog who plays Otis in the episode Bionic Dog. Jumpy is a Border Collie-Blue Heeler Mix.

Is Alister in Lab Rats bionic?

Abilities. Reflexes: He does not appear to have bionics, however, he has very good reflexes, as he was able to catch Bree’s water bottle when Adam threw it.

Who is the fourth bionic sibling in Lab Rats?

Daniel Davenport
Daniel Davenport is a character who appeared in And Then There Were Four. He is the biological brother of Adam, Bree and Chase and is the step-cousin of Leo Dooley. He, like his siblings, has bionics….Season(s)

First Episode Last Episode
And Then There Were Four The Vanishing

How did Leo get his bionic arm?

Leo was the only non-bionic kid in the Davenport-Dooley family until You Posted What?!?, where he becomes bionic thanks to Douglas giving him bionic components because his arm was damaged by Taylor. Later, in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, he unlocked a new ability.

Are Bouviers smart?

The Bouvier is known for being intelligent, protective, and strong willed. Not surprisingly, this herding dog likes to gather and protect his flock. He is deeply attached and devoted to his family, and happiest when he’s a part of the action.

Why did lab rats elite force end?

Despite season 1 ending on a massive cliffhanger, Lab Rats: Elite Force was not picked up for a second season by Disney. Although the Mouse House never gave a clear reason, the series was likely dropped due to low ratings, with the average viewership for the season being only . 49 million.

What episode of lab rats does Leo get his bionics?

“Leo Leaves the Lair” is the twenty-second episode of Season 4 of Lab Rats: Bionic Lair. It aired on July 29, 2015. This is the ninety-fourth episode overall. Fanmade episode by Andre132. After Leo gets demoted and runs away from the lair, he meets Troy, a big fan of bionics.

Who are the cast of Lab Rats?

Lab Rats, also known as Lab Rats: Bionic Island for the fourth season, is an American comedy television series created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore that aired on Disney XD from February 27, 2012 to February 3, 2016. The series stars Billy Unger , Spencer Boldman , Kelli Berglund , Tyrel Jackson Williams , and Hal Sparks .

What is a lab rat?

Laboratory rat. The albino laboratory rat with its red eyes and white fur is an iconic model organism for scientific research in a variety of fields. A laboratory rat or lab rat is a rat of the species Rattus norvegicus domestica which is bred and kept for scientific research.