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What was the budget deficit in 2013?

$680 billion
In FY 2013, the budget deficit was estimated to be $901 billion, but thanks to sequestration, it only came in at $680 billion. 14 This was the first time it was less than $1 trillion since Obama took office.

What was the deficit run in the US for 2013?

2013 United States federal budget

Submitted February 13, 2012
Total expenditures $3.803 trillion (requested) $3.45 trillion (actual) 20.8% of GDP (actual)
Deficit $901 billion (requested) 5.5% of GDP $680 billion (actual) 4.1% of GDP (actual)
Debt $16.72 trillion (at fiscal end) 100.8% of GDP
GDP $16.582 trillion

What was the budget deficit in 2012?

2012 United States federal budget

Submitted February 14, 2011
Deficit $1.101 trillion (requested) 7.0% of GDP $1.087 trillion (actual) 6.8% of GDP (actual)
Debt $16.65 Trillion (requested) 105.3% of GDP $16.05 Trillion (actual) 100.2% of GDP
GDP $16.026 trillion
Website US Government Publishing Office

What was the federal deficit in 2014?

2014 United States federal budget

Submitted April 10, 2013
Total expenditures $3.77 trillion (requested) $3.506 trillion (actual) 20.3% of GDP (actual)
Deficit $744 billion (requested) 4.4% of GDP (requested) $484.6 billion (actual) 2.8% of GDP (actual)
Debt $17.79 trillion (at fiscal end) 103.2% of GDP
GDP $17.244 trillion

How much did the US federal government spend in 2013?

The federal government spent $3.1 trillion in the states during its 2013 fiscal year.

What was the United States deficit in 2016?

$587 billion
The Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 budget deficit totaled $587 billion, according to the final data from the Treasury Department. Although this is nearly 60 percent below the 2009 peak, it is 34 percent larger than last year’s $438 billion level.

What was the US deficit in 2011?

$1.3 Trillion
Federal Budget Deficit for Fiscal Year 2011: $1.3 Trillion | Congressional Budget Office.

How much revenue did the US government take in 2014?

U.S. Tax Revenue by Year

Fiscal Year Revenue
FY 2015 $3.25 trillion
FY 2014 $3.02 trillion
FY 2013 $2.77 trillion
FY 2012 $2.45 trillion

What share of GDP did the US allocate to government spending in 2013?

Net spending by the government was $84 billion less in 2013 than in 2012, and it was lower than outlays in any year since 2008. It amounted to 20.8 percent of GDP in 2013, lower than the 22.0 percent recorded in 2012 but still above the 40-year average of 20.4 percent.

What was the federal budget deficit in 2013?

The projected 2013 deficit was $900 billion (5.5% GDP), down from the 2012 deficit of $1.3 trillion (8.5% GDP). Over the 2013-2022 period, the budget essentially freezes defense and non-defense discretionary spending in dollar terms, such that these categories shrink relative to a growing economy, from 8.7% GDP to 5.9% GDP.

When was the budget passed for the 2013 fiscal year?

The spending bill for the remainder of the fiscal year, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013, was passed by the Senate 73–26 on March 20, 2013, by the House the following day in a 318-109 vote, and signed by President Obama on March 26, 2013.

When was the last time the US had a deficit?

Most of that deficit rightfully belongs to the previous president since he created the federal budget. President George Bush’s last budget, for Fiscal Year (FY) 2009, created a deficit of $1.16 trillion. That fiscal year began on Oct. 1, 2008, and continued until Sept. 30, 2009.

How much is the US deficit in 2016?

As of 2016 the shortfall has started growing again. The red ink increased $152 billion from last year, for a total projected deficit of $590 billion. This increase is also reflected in the fact that the deficit has resumed growing as a share of GDP for the first time since 2009.