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What Tom Waits best song?

What are the best Tom Waits songs?

  • 1.The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me) Small Change.
  • 2.Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis Blue Valentine.
  • 3.Hold On Mule Variations.
  • 4.(Looking For) The Heart of Saturday Night The Heart of Saturday Night.
  • 5.Ol ’55 Closing Time.
  • 6.Downtown Train Rain Dogs.

What style of music is Tom Waits?

Tom Waits/Genres

Is Tom Waits for real?

Thomas Alan Waits (born December 7, 1949) is an American musician, composer, songwriter and actor. His lyrics often focus on the underbelly of society and are delivered in his trademark deep, gravelly voice….

Tom Waits

Who has Tom Waits written songs for?

As a result, here are 10 of the best covers of Tom Waits songs.

  • Sarah Jarosz, “Come on Up”
  • The Ramones,” I Don’t Want to Grow Up”
  • Cida Moreira, “Tango Till They’re Sore”
  • Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Trampled Rose”
  • Tim Buckley, ” Martha”
  • 10,000 Maniacs, “I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love with You”

What nationality is Tom Waits?

Tom Waits/Nationality

Tom Waits, in full Thomas Alan Waits, (born December 7, 1949, Pomona, California, U.S.), American singer-songwriter and actor whose gritty, sometimes romantic depictions of the lives of the urban underclass won him a loyal if limited following and the admiration of critics and prominent musicians who performed and …

Will Tom Waits make another album?

“Good News! Tom is currently in the studio working on his next album.

How many albums has Tom Waits sold?

Since the mid-1980s, he has collaborated with his partner Kathleen Brennan. His latest studio album, titled Bad as Me, was released in 2011. As of 2011, according to Nielsen Soundscan Tom Waits has sold 4.6 million albums in the United States.

How old is Iggy Pop?

74 years (April 21, 1947)
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