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What should I upgrade on my Brompton?

Here are our top five Brompton accessories to enhance your bike.

  • Cateye Rechargeable USB Lights. Designed specifically for Bromptons, the Cateye front and rear lights tuck neatly out the way when the bike is folded.
  • The Brompton Tool Kit.
  • Brompton Eazy Wheels.
  • Brompton Roll Top Bag.
  • Saddle Upgrade.

Can you upgrade a Brompton?

The Brompton Folding Bike is awesome, it is also awesome to upgrade it! Anything from disc brakes to carbon rims, lightweight titanium parts to Rohloff hubs, you will find it here.

How can I make my Brompton faster?

So far I am under the quite deluded notion that the following will make me go faster:

  1. Kojak tyres instead of Marathon’s.
  2. Mudguards off.
  3. Clip less pedals.
  4. Front carrier block off to aid aerodynamic efficiency.
  5. Brook saddle off to be replaced by an Italian super lightweight razor blade.

Can you put disc brakes on a Brompton?

I make several brake conversions for the Brompton – fitting disc brakes gives you much more powerful braking, which is also almost completely unaffected by the weather, mud or road dirt. Kit includes a new fork, front wheel, brake caliper, rotor and everything else you need.

How do you look after a Brompton?

Wash your Brompton bike Use a sponge, some warm water and some specific bike cleaner. Your local Brompton dealer should be able to recommend a suitable bike detergent. Don’t use household dish washing detergent, it has got lots of salt in it which won’t do your Brompton any good.

Is Brompton good for long distance?

Because of the compact fold, you can take a Brompton bike wherever – the train, bus, plane, boat, trunk of your car (without any additional car gear), and you can even store it in your hotel room without any stress. The Brompton Mafia guys are experts at stowing their Bromptons away as they travel all over the world.

Can you upgrade a Brompton B75?

The Brompton B75 is compatible with all standard Brompton components, with a few exceptions. These exceptions include the stem, handlebars, grips, gear cables, and gear levers. These specific parts cannot be fitted individually and will require some additional components for fitting.

Can you upgrade the front wheel on a Brompton?

Brompton had trouble sourcing the Superlight hub, so these bikes came with a wheel built with fancy spokes and the same hub and rim as the standard model bikes. These bikes are great candidates for a front wheel upgrade. You have a beautiful titanium bike with a hub that looks and feels like it belongs in the 80’s.

What do you need in a Brompton Bike?

Magnets and rubber end caps hold the kit in place even when the bike is folded, containing all the tools you need for repairs on the go, including tyres lever, patches, and Allen keys. 3. Brompton Eazy Wheels Quick to fit, Eazy Wheels are larger than the standard roller wheels that are fitted to the frame/rack.

What are the wheels on a Brompton folding bike?

The small wheels that are used to roll the folded bike along are called Eazy Wheels. The Eazy Wheels can be upgraded to a different set of wheels that are larger and allow smoother rolling. The suspension block that comes with the Brompton folding bike is a solid piece of plastic.

Is the Brompton bike still a stuffy bike?

We’ve been a Brompton dealer since it was a stuffy bike for Professorial types. So much has changed. Now we’re seeing engineers push Brompton’s own deep engineering DNA with an array of parts that offer lighter weight and better functionality.