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What should I spend my rubies on realm grinder?

“Rubies are a rare resource which allows you to increase all aspects of your production. Accumulating them will unlock new upgrades and trophies, providing both a permanent passive bonus and the ability to spend them to purchase new perks.

What do artifacts do in realm grinder?

With any luck, Excavations allow you to find Faction Coins, Rubies, and—depending on certain thresholds or conditions—Artifacts. Some Artifacts are required to unlock the Neutral and Prestige Factions. Some Lore Artifacts will reward direct bonuses, but most do not reward anything.

How do I get Sunforce realm grinder?

Unlock Requirements Sun Force requires the Dawnstone, and Duskstone excavation lore artifacts. Only found during sunrise hours. Emits a faint glow. Only found during sunset hours.

How do you unlock excavation in realm grinder?

To be bought once throughout the entire game and permanently unlocks an “Excavation” button which will appear on the left under the Upgrades tab. Survey Equipment Upgrade. Upgrade Cost: 100 Dc (1e35) and at least 100 excavations. To be bought once throughout the entire game and does not show up as bought upgrade.

How do you reincarnate in realm grinder?

Reincarnation can only be performed for the first time when the user reaches 1 Oc (1E27) gems. Each subsequent reincarnation costs 1,000 times more gems. When reincarnation becomes available, the “???” button on the Upgrades panel (to the right of the Abdication button) changes to a “Reincarnation” button.

How do you unlock faceless?

To gain access to Faceless research, you will need the Secrets of the Ancients upgrade. This upgrade will appear when you have both Neutral Unique buildings and the Key to the Lost city artifact. The Key to the Lost city can be excavated in a separate run, and with any faction.

How do you get an ancient device on realm grinder?

It’s simple: Don’t use excavations during your run. After you ready to Reincarnate, switch to Neutral faction and check with Lara Crypt. If you can’t reach Ancient Device, just excavate to maximum and reincarnate.

How do you unlock the neutral research realm grinder?

The Key to the Lost City artifact unlocks Neutral Research: +2 Neutral slots obtainable starting from R23 from the Ancient Device upgrade.

Where is the changelog realm grinder?

The patch notes, or changelogs, can also be accessed by clicking the Version Number on bottom right corner of the ingame options window.

How do you get the Titan realm grinder?

To gain access to Titan research, you will need the Secrets of the Ancients upgrade. This upgrade will appear once you have bought Olympian Halls and found the Key to the Lost city artifact. Khaire, ruler. More of our people will join your cause if you build enough Hall of Legends.

How do you unlock secrets of the Underm grinder underworld?

Uncover the Earth Core Artifact with any Faction, and gather enough gems to be able to buy the Secrets of the Underworld (100 QiSxg (1E200) coins and 10 M (1E7) FCs) When ready, play a Vanilla faction (Good Faction for Dwarf, Evil for Drow). Choose one that will be able to afford the Secrets of the Underworld.