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What should I buy for an enchantress?

Purchase Order

  • Magic Wand.
  • Phase Boots.
  • Drum of Endurance.
  • Hurricane Pike.
  • Black King Bar.
  • Scythe of Vyse.
  • Moon Shard.

Does BKB work against enchantress?

Overall, the only thing that counters her is targeted/AOE abilities or silencing. But that can be countered with just BKB. All this hero needs to get is BKB and she is pretty much unstopable.

How good is enchantress?

Enchantress is a very versatile hero. Most often Enchantress is used in the hard support position. However, she is also quite common in the offlane and as a soft support. Not to mention, she is actually not as bad in the midlane or carry position.

Is Enchantress an Offlaner?

The simpler answer is yes, but only in certain conditions You see, the current Dota 2 meta (after patch 7.25) favors double-offlane a lot. Naturally, Enchantress can work great in this scenario because she has a heal and deals tons of damage.

What position is Enchantress Dota 2?

Enchantress works well as a jungler in the early game, as it maximizes the effectiveness of her Enchant ability or, harass enemies in lane using Impetus that deals damage based on how far her target is.

How do you break enchantress untouchable?


  1. Blade Mail can turn Impetus against Enchantress since she has a low HP pool.
  2. Spirit Vessel lowers the amount of healing received by Enchantress and her allies from Nature’s Attendants.
  3. Silver Edge breaks Untouchable for a couple of seconds.

Who does enchantress counter?


Hero Dis. Matches Played
Naga Siren 2.90% 6,258
Phantom Lancer 2.77% 16,502
Batrider 2.42% 3,676
Morphling 2.04% 22,341

How do you dispel enchantress untouchable?


  1. Blade Fury dispels the slow from enchant, and can burst her down during the laning stage.
  2. Omnislash and. Swiftslash’s physical damage burst ignore untouchable.
  3. Silver Edge is a common item for Juggernaut for dealing with Untouchable.

How do I use enchantress IDV?

The Enchantress carries the Cursed Emblem. She can consume 1 stack of Guard to temporarily paralyze the nearest Hunter within a certain range. When the Guard reaches 3 stacks, it can be detonated by tapping on the special icon and using 3 stacks of Guard to paralyze the Hunter for several seconds.

What is vanish enchantress?

Enchantress has two great counter attacks in her wickedly mystic arsenal. “Hell’s Gate” will deflect any projectile attack an opponent makes back at them with more force. “Vanish” will give the character the ability to teleport behind the opponent as they attack, leaving them wide open.

What race is Patricia IDV?

Patricia’s birth mother was a dark-skinned slave who died during transit to the United States, while her father was an unknown Caucasian.

What does the Enchantress do in Dota 2?

Aiushtha, the Enchantress, is a ranged intelligence hero who uses her abilities to push through lanes and gank with relative ease. Enchantress works well as a jungler in the early game, as it maximizes the effectiveness of her Enchant ability or, harass enemies in lane using Impetus that deals damage based on how far her target is.

How does Sproink work on Enchantress in Dota 2?

In Ability Draft, Sproink can be unlocked by the player that drafted Untouchable. Sproink interrupts Enchantress’ channeling abilities upon cast. Sproink disjoints projectiles upon cast. Leaps at a speed of 1250 for up to 0.4 seconds. Always leaps 180° away from the direction Enchantress is facing.

What does Enchantress do in the early game?

Enchantress shines in all stages of the game, specially in the early to mid game — being a constant presence in skirmishes with her pure damage and durability. She is very annoying, whether by ganking lanes with her creeps when she feels like it, or just by being a very annoying laner with her strong basic attacks and regeneration.

What happens when you enchant a creep in Dota 2?

With the level 20 talent, Enchant can target ancient creeps, but Roshan and creep-heroes tagged as ancient creeps are only slowed. Although Couriers can be targeted, it has no effect on them, wasting the mana and cooldown. Enchanting a new creep kills the previous enchanted creep.