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What should be the margin for a resume?

For a standard resume with minimal graphic elements and a basic layout, one-inch margins are appropriate. They set your text away from the edge of the page sufficiently enough for your information to stand out. One inch margins also help make your resume look organized and easy to read.

How do I add work experience to my resume template?

Type in your employment information and press Enter. Add an employer to a functional resume by placing the cursor to the right of the employer you worked for prior to the one you want to add. Type in your employment information and press Enter to move the existing job down a line.

Does Microsoft Word have a resume template?

Open Microsoft Word and go to File > New. Type resume into the search box. Click a resume template that you want to use. Click Create to open the resume template in MS Word.

Should I use a Microsoft Word resume template?

And no, it’s not good to build your resume using a MS Word template! You should definitely steer clear of any resume templates you can find out there on the internet unless you are applying for minimum wage jobs. Resume templates found on MS Word were not built to be ATS friendly and do not pass companies filters.

How do I make a resume without Microsoft Word?

If you need to send your resume through a website, you’ll need to download your resume from your Google Drive ( when you’re signed into your Gmail account). It’s easy to create your resume for free even if you don’t have Microsoft Word.