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What message about change does Santha Rama Rau develop in by any other name?

The theme of “By Any Other Name” is multiculturalism. The story opens with the two sisters arriving at the new Anglo-Indian school and immediately they are told that their original Indian names are not “pretty” enough and that they needed new ones.

What is the summary of by any other name?

Summary. By Any Other Name, written by Santha Rama Rau tells the story of two young sisters, Santha, five and a half, and Premila, eight, who are forced into attending an Anglo Indian school after having been taught by their mom for the majority of their lives.

What was the author’s purpose of by any other name?

Tone. The tone Santha Rama Rau created in “By Any Other Name” was an earnest tone. The effect of Rama using an earnest tone was to make the story easier to understand and since it was told from a first person perspective it adds ethos making her intended theme more powerful.

What’s in a name Santha Rama Rau?

In summary, “By Any Other Name” by Santha Rama Rau is the story of the brief period in which two Indian children attend an Anglo-Indian day school. Our protagonist, Santha, finds the experience both strange and boring.

How do you think Santha Rama Rau would answer Juliet’s question what’s in a name?

Santha never thinks of herself as “cynthia” bc she says having 2 names is like having two personalities. How do you think Santha Rama Rau would answer Juliet’s question “What’s in a name?” How important do you think a person’s name is to his or her sense of identity? A name helps to shape your personality. names.

What is the resolution of by any other name?

Resolution: Premila and Santha arrive home to a confused mother and ayah(nanny). Premila states that she and her sister won’t be returning to that school and tells the mom what happened at school with the test and discrimination. Her mom agrees that going back wouldn’t be a good idea.

How does Santha feel about Cynthia?

How does Santha feel about the name Cynthia? She feels as if Cynthia is a whole other person.

What is the theme of Santha Rama Rau’s essay?

Expert Answers Rau’s “By Any Other Name”, published in 1951, is about racial identity in British colonized India. The essay is told from the perspective of five-year-old Santha, who, with her sister Premila, is sent to an English school in India.

What is the significance of the title by any other name?

The title comes from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is wishing that her beloved Romeo’s surname, Montague, were some other name because the Montague are sworn enemies of her family.

When was by any other name by Santha Rama Rau written?

That is why when her sister angrily decided they should leave the school because her teacher said that Indian children cheated, Santha was not upset by it. She understood it but she was not really particularly interested in it. Published in the print edition of the March 17, 1951, issue.

Who is Santha in by any other name?

Santha Rama Rau
The memoir about two Indian sisters, Premila and Santha, and their difficulties in British schools. In By Any Other Name, the author Santha Rama Rau uses diction, imagery, and tone to express a central message about personal culture and how you should stay true to your personal identity even if you are judged.

When was by any other name written Santha Rama Rau?

What does by any other name by Santa Rama Rau say?

Santa Rama Rau’s short story “By Any Other Name” refutes Juliet’s contention that something retains its essence no matter what its name.

Why did Premila and Santha get new names?

She was also saying that the British wanted their own customs and were unable to accept or appreciate Indian customs. On Premila and Santha’s first day at the new school, they were told by headmistress their names were too hard for her to pronounce. She gives them the new names of Pamela and Cynthia.

What did Santha give her sister in by any other name?

She gives them the new names of Pamela and Cynthia. Her sister is silent and does not respond to this event, yet Santha says in a tiny voice she accepts the new name probably because she is scared to disagree.