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What kind of needle do you use to sew Minky fabric?

90/14 stretch needle
We recommend using a 90/14 stretch needle (we love SCHMETZ needles) when sewing with minky fabrics. Let’s explain. Minky fabric is a knit, so using a stretch needle will help prevent making holes in the fabric and it helps prevent skipped stitches.

What can you sew with Minky?

As we previously mentioned, minky is used to make baby products including garments, bibs, blankets, soft toys, and seat covers. Its softness isn’t the only reason why it’s ideal for these products, but also because it’s easy to wash.

Should Minky be prewashed?

Prewash Your Cotton Minky does not shrink, so if you are pairing it with cotton (like in this tutorial), make sure to pre-wash the cotton first.

Should I use batting with Minky?

Do you use Batting with your minky? I do use batting! My current favorite is Quilter’s Dream Orient batting, but any low-loft batting will do just fine! You can even leave out the batting if you want to go for a thinner quilt.

Should you prewash Minky?

Prewash any fabrics being sewn with the minky. Minky will not shrink, so does not need to be prewashed, but always prewash all other fabrics being used in the project to prevent any shrinking problems with your finished project.

What is Minky fabric exactly?

Minky fabric is, as the name suggests (and as we stated earlier) a synthetic fabric that is made to resemble the look, feel, and texture of mink, an authentic fur. It has a short pile and a super soft feeling that is almost reminiscent of cashmere or really high quality chenille.

What is milky fabric?

Minky fabric is a super soft 100% Polyester Fabric. It is machine washable, does not shrink and can be tumble dried on a low heat. It has a pile almost like velour or velvet on one side, and as a knitted fabric, it does have some stretch.