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What kind of ice cream does coldstone have?

Explore All Our Fantastic Ice Cream Flavors & Mix-ins: Cake Batter™ Classic Cookie Dough. French Vanilla. Vanilla Lite.

What is the best Cold Stone ice cream?

Birthday Cake Remix™ tops the list of Cold Stone Creamery’s signature Creations™, followed by Chocolate Devotion®, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection®, Founder’s Favorite® and Coffee Lovers Only®. For Mix-Ins™, brownies reigned supreme, followed closely by OREO® cookies, cookie dough, caramel and fudge.

How much is ice cream at Cold Stone?

Cold Stone Creamery Menu Prices

Ice Cream Signature Creations™
Like It Small $5.00
Love It Regular $5.25
Gotta Have It Large $5.75

How do you order ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery?

Ordering your favorite Cold Stone Creamery® treats just got easier with the new full menu online ordering experience. Skip the line now and visit to order your favorite Creation™ and more!

Why is coldstone called Coldstone?

Cold Stone derives its name from the frozen granite slab that employees use to fold mix-ins into the ice cream. As thanks to customers, Cold Stone employees sing a song when they receive a tip. In 1995, Cold Stone Creamery opened its first franchise store in Tempe, Arizona.

Is Cold Stone ice cream real ice cream?

Did you know our ice cream is made fresh in every store? It’s true! Churned from the finest ingredients and mixed with your choice of candy, cakes, fruits or nuts on a frozen granite stone we proudly serve the best tasting, made-to-order ice cream you’ve ever had.

Is Cold Stone Creamery expensive?

Cold Stone Creamery prices are similar to other ice cream restaurants and you can expect to get a small cone or cup for about $5.

Is Cold Stone ice cream real?

Who owns Coldstone icecream?

Kahala Brands
MTY Food Group
Cold Stone Creamery/Parent organizations

Why is Coldstone ice cream so good?

Cold Stone’s ice cream is made on the premises every day, and is categorized as “super premium” by industry standards—meaning it contains 12% to 14% butterfat, which gives it a uniquely creamy texture that sets it apart.

Is Cold Stone Creamery open on Sunday?

They have hundreds of different Cold Stone Creamery locations in the United States. Cold Stone Creamery is open during 12PM and 10PM from Monday through Saturday. On Sunday, Cold Stone Creamery opens at 11AM and closes their doors at 10PM.

How much are cold stone ice cream cakes?

Cold Stone’s ice cream cakes come in several sizes, including petit four-inch round cakes for $10, or large sheet cakes for $62. All cakes have layers of baked cake stacked with layers of Cold Stone ice cream and mix-ins, and they are frosted with ganache or whipped cream.

What is cold stone ice cream?

Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream parlor chain. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company is owned and operated by Kahala Brands. The company’s main product is premium ice cream made with approximately 12-14% butterfat, made on location and customized for patrons at time of order.