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What kind of engine does Aprilia RS 125 have?

The Aprilia RS 125 was produced with two different engines. The early models from 1993 to 1997 were equipped with a Rotax 123. The predecessor motorcycle, the AF1, was equipped with a slightly different Rotax 123 since 1988.

How many cylinders are in a Rotax RS 125?

In short: there are three different cylinders on the RS 125: Position of the two bores on the mounting socket at the cylinder outlet side Other bikes (Cross machines, Sport Pro versions or the versions for Switzerland) have additional cylinders that are not listed here.

What’s the difference between Rotax 122 and Rotax 123?

The bases of the cylinders with aprilia lettering are wider and correspond to those of the Rotax 122, the holes are still suitable for the Rotax 123, the distance between the holes on the exhaust side is still 82 mm. The differences on the molds are clearly visible from the outside.

What kind of ignition system does a Rotax have?

The Rotax 122 is equipped with a capacitor discharge ignition system made by the manufacturer “Nippondenso”. The crankshaft position and speed are detected by a small induction sensor on the side of the pole wheel, which detects the three holes and the elevation on the side surface of the pole wheel.

What kind of engine does a Rotax 122 have?

The Rotax 122 was first equipped with the Dell Orto PHBH 28 or PHBL 24, later with a VHST 28 with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). The connections for the intake manifolds are identical on all cylinders on the engines, so they can be interchanged.

Where are the shaft seals on an Aprilia RS 125?

The shaft seals on the crankshaft are on both sides: 28 x 38 x 7 WAS, which are installed so that the dust protection lip faces away from the crankshaft: The dust cover lip is on the outside of the alternator or towards the clutch.

Is the tachometer on Rotax 123 still mechanical?

On motorcycles with Rotax 123 there are only mechanical pointer instruments, but there are two different instrument assemblies on the first RS 125 bikes. Later versions with Rotax 123 already have a digital temperature display, the tachometer is still mechanical.