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What kind of character is Camila in Violetta?

At the beginning of the series, Camila is introduced as an outgoing, spontaneous and determined girl who changes her style a lot, but her personality is always the same. She is ready to defend her friends. Later, she decides that it’s time to stick with a style and stop changing her outfits every day.

Why was Camila mad at Broduey in Violetta?

She was mad at Broduey because she blamed him for her break-up with Seba. In the Portuguese version of Violetta, one of her nicknames was “Camilinha” (which loosely translates to “Little Camila”). [citation needed]

Who is the enemy of Ludmila in Studio 21?

Camila and Ludmila are enemies. Ludmila dislikes most of the students from Studio 21, and one of her worst enemies is Camila. Camila is a nice girl and a good friend, but Ludmila sees her as a nobody and she thinks she is much better than her.

What happens to Maxi and Camila in youmix?

When DJ leaves, Camila starts getting closer to Maxi, and they end up sharing a kiss. However, they agree to just stay friends. Camila is put in a group with Broduey for the YouMix dance contest.

Who are the best friends of Violetta Fanon?

Maxi, Violetta and Francesca are her best friends. Camila dreams of becoming a successful and recognized singer some day. She’s very talented, in… Camila Torres | Violetta Fanon Wiki | Fandom

Who are the best friends of Camila Torres?

Maxi, Violetta, and Francesca are her best friends. Camila dreams of becoming a successful and recognized singer. She’s very talented, but she knows she has not yet achieved artistic maturity necessary to make the leap to success which is the reason why she dresses differently a lot. Camila is portrayed by Candelaria Molfese .

What are some of the songs from Violetta?

Songs from Violetta! Are You Ready For The Ride? Do You Think Of Me? User blog:MacyZC55/”Habla Si Puedes” (English lyrics). Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.