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What is the weirdest place in Google Earth?

25 strangest sights on Google Earth

  • Sprawling swastika. (Image credit: Image copyright DigitalGlobe, courtesy Google Earth)
  • Island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island.
  • Weird Wheels.
  • Bull’s eye.
  • Mysterious pyramid?
  • Egyptian pyramids?
  • Phantom Island.
  • Puzzling Pentagram.

What are weird places on Google Earth?

10 Of The Strangest Places In The World You Can Only Visit on Google Maps

  1. Vatican Secret Archives. A trip to Vatican City can be one of the most exhilarating trips of your life.
  2. Bohemian Grove.
  3. Lascaux Cave.
  4. Mezhgorye.
  5. Svalbard Global Seed Vault.
  6. Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion.
  7. Snake Island.
  8. Surtsey.

Where are the weird places on Google Maps?

Google Maps : 5 Weird street view locations. 1 1. Horse boy. View on Google Maps: A Horse boy was spotted on Google Street View on Hardgate in Aberdeen. 2 2. Rainbow Plane. 3 3. Jesus Above a Lake. 4 4. Flying Saucer. 5 5. Street View car in Street View.

What do you see in Google Street View?

Google Street View shows image in all direction (360 degrees horizontally, up, and down.) Google street view cars runs on the street to capture all those photos. In this post we have a collection of some weird street view locations you can see in Google Maps. 1. Horse boy

What was the Funny Thing on Google Maps?

If you travel back to Brighton, England in 2009, Google Maps might make you laugh one more time. While Google car was snapping images of the streets, several seagulls decide to flyby. One of the seagulls was cheeky enough to photobomb the driver in order to show his lunch.

When did Google Street View first come out?

From crazy camera glitches to timely pranks to elaborate performance art pieces, Google Street View has captured some surprising images. Google Street View began in 2007 with coverage of just five cities.