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What is the weight of a Nissan GU Patrol?


Nissan Patrol ST (4×4) Details
Front track 1605mm (63.2 inches)
Rear track 1625mm (64.0 inches)
Ground clearance 210mm (8.3 inches)
Unladen weight 2450kg (5401.3 lbs)

What does a Nissan Patrol weigh?

The 4W61 was powered by the new 3.7 L Nissan NB engine, producing 92 PS (68 kW), and later was powered by the 105 PS (77 kW) 4.0 L Nissan NC engine….First generation (4W60; 1951)

First generation (4W60)
Length 3,650 mm (143.7 in)
Width 1,740 mm (68.5 in)
Height 1,720 mm (67.7 in)
Curb weight 1,500 kg (3,306.9 lb)

How heavy is a Nissan Patrol Y61?

The Nissan Patrol GR (Y61) 3.0 Di Turbo weighs 2155 Kg / 4751 lbs.

What is the best patrol engine?

The best used Patrol is a factory turbo-diesel or turbo-intercooled-diesel 4.2-litre.

How heavy is a ZD30 engine?

The main technical parameters of ZD30
ETC Optional W
SCV Optional W
Dimension(㎜) 757.7×702.7×756.8 757.7×702.7×756.8
Net weight(kg) 271 281

What is GU Patrol GVM?

The solution for owners/managers of Nissan Patrol GU LWB Wagon vehicles who have a need to carry loads to a GVM of 3495 kg (up from 3060kg standard GVM), while at the same time meeting the practical and documentary compliance requirements of Work Safety, Police Licensing, Insurance, Lessor’s and Fleet Managers.

How much does a Barra engine weigh?

The Barra engine weighs 525 pounds.

What is the GVM of a 2003 Nissan Patrol?

Colour 1

Length (mm) 5060 Gross Vehicle Mass (kg) 3400
Width (mm) 1840 Gross Combination Mass (kg) 5900
Height (mm) 1895 Payload (kg) 1272
Wheelbase (mm) 2970 Towing Capacity (braked) (kg) 2500
Tare Mass (kg) 2128 Towing Capacity (Unbraked) (kg) 750

Does suspension upgrade increase GCM?

Where things get ugly, is that if the GCM used to be the GVM plus Towing Capacity, does a GVM upgrade then increase the GCM? Simply put, it does not.

How much does a Nissan Patrol van weigh?

Van weights – rear axle 540kg, front axle 610kg, jockey wheel 160kg. Weight bias to front axle of 70kg. Hitch measured at same height as it was sitting on vehicle. Van on hitch, rear axle 480kg, front axle 700kg, weight bias to front axle of 220kg.

What kind of engine does a gu Patrol have?

Strap on your engineer hat as we dive deep into the world of engine conversions… The CRD ZD30 engine fitted to GU Patrols makes a claimed 118kW from the factory. An LS1 fitted to Holden Commodores (in Australia) makes a claimed 260kW and will use only slightly more fuel in the process.

What kind of gearbox does Gold Coast patrol use?

We use a Nissan patrol ZD30 TB45 Td42 4 speed automatic gearbox in all our conversions. The gearboxes are used units, we can also supply reconditioned at additional costs. Gold Coast Patrols And Mechanical now offering, drive in drive out Nissan patrol automatic gearbox conversions!!

Can you put a Toyota engine in a Nissan Patrol?

Putting a Toyota in a patrol wouldn’t happen if Nissan made a good engine in the first place other than the zd.. Moved to our newly formed engine conversion section. I Like a Tidy Forum – Y2kZD30, a few bits and an Eclipse Turbo – RED text below = Links.