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What is the water level at Coralville Reservoir?

Located in Johnson County, IA. at the outlet works on the left end of Coralville Dam, 2.3 miles upstream from Rapid Creek and 4.3 miles northeast of the Post Office at Coralville….

Latest Data 10/26/2021 20:00 Central
Latest Stage 685.97 Ft.
Gate 3 Level Level 0.07 Ft.
24 Hr. Precip Total 0.00 In.
Latest Air Temp 51 °F

How big is Coralville?

5,280 acres
The lake has a capacity of 461,200 acre⋅ft (568,900,000 m3) of water, equal to 137.18 billion gallons at its “100 year flood” level of 712-foot (217 m)….History.

Coralville Dam
Surface area 5,280 acres (2,140 ha) (Normal pool); 24,800 acres (10,000 ha) (Flood storage pool)

Why is Coralville called Coralville?

The town was christened Coralville in 1866 shortly after Louis Agassiz, a Harvard zoologist, spoke at the University of Iowa about the “Coral Reefs of Iowa city” and was impressed by the samples of fossilized coral that he found in the limestone around the mills along the Iowa River.

Can you swim in Coralville Lake?

SWIMMING. Swimming beaches are located on Coralville Lake at the Sugar Bottom Day Use, Sandy Beach Day Use, and West Overlook Day Use recreation areas. These beaches are all open to the public for swimming. The Sugar Bottom Day Use beach, which is located by the mountain bike trail is free.

What lakes in Iowa have E coli?

Since 2014, Backbone has experienced the most E. coli advisories at 105. Crandall’s Beach (Spirit Lake), Rock Creek Lake, and Springbrook Beach in Guthrie County experienced their first advisories for microcystin since 2015.

Is lake Mcbride man made?

Fishing: Lake Macbride is an angler’s delight! Good catches of walleyes, channel catfish, crappies and bluegill await the angler in the 812-acre artificial lake.

Can you swim in Lake Macbride?

Lake Macbride offers swimming as well as refreshments at the beautiful beach area. Swimming is restricted to the designated beach area only. Multi-use trails wind for miles around the lake.

Is Coralville safe?

The chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime in Coralville is 1 in 29. Based on FBI crime data, Coralville is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Iowa, Coralville has a crime rate that is higher than 97% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

Is Coralville a part of Iowa City?

Coralville is a city in Johnson County, Iowa, United States. It is a suburb of Iowa City and part of the Iowa City Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 22,318 at the 2020 census.

Can you kayak on Coralville Lake?

The neighboring lake, Coralville, has no restrictions on the motor size of boats. You may rent pontoons, motorboats, canoes, paddleboats, and kayaks near the beach. The park has two locations, one on the North side with modern campground, beach, boat ramps, boat rental, picnic areas and park office.

Is it safe to swim at Lake Macbride?

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources say new tests will show the water in Lake Macbride is “back to normal.” Swimmers who accidentally swallow water or accidentally breathe in the algae can get sick. …

Is Big Creek safe to swim in?

Big Creek State Park is one of Iowa’s most scenic slices of paradise. Big Creek Beach’s water is closely monitored by the Iowa DNR, and it is typically safe to swim in.