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What is the salary for a reservation agent?

Reservation Agent Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Reservation Agent Salary $24,882 US
50th Percentile Reservation Agent Salary $30,786 US
75th Percentile Reservation Agent Salary $37,877 US
90th Percentile Reservation Agent Salary $44,334 US

How much does a reservation agent make in Dubai?

AED 4,000

salary Salary
High 8,000
Average 4,000
Low 3,000

What is the salary of a government agent?

Federal Agent Salaries

Job Title Salary
U.S. Department of State Federal Agent salaries – 6 salaries reported $129,029/yr
United States Federal Government Federal Agent salaries – 5 salaries reported $104,297/yr
US Department of Homeland Security Federal Agent salaries – 5 salaries reported $86,500/yr

What is reservation agent?

A reservations agent assists customers in booking reservations for venues, tours, resorts, travel, restaurants or events. Your responsibilities are primarily customer service based, but you are also responsible for actually booking the reservation, and selling customers additional products or services.

How much do FBI make a year?

Salary and Career Outlook

Career Average Annual Salary
Entry-Level FBI Agent $52,440
Mid- to Senior-Level FBI Agent $79,468

How much do FBI get paid an hour?

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Salaries

Job Title Salary
Student Workforce Trainee salaries – 2 salaries reported $19/hr
Intern salaries – 2 salaries reported $16/hr
Agent salaries – 2 salaries reported $36/hr
Fbi salaries – 2 salaries reported $18/hr

What is reservation agent in front office?

Reservation agents, also known as travel clerks, are responsible for helping clients plan and book their reservations. They are often employed by hotels, resorts, airlines, car rentals, and travel agencies. A reservation agent may help clients online, over the phone, or in person.

Where do reservation agents work?

Hotels, airlines, car rental facilities, resorts and travel agencies all employ Reservation Agents. Their job is to assist customers with the planning and booking aspect of their vacation or stay. They may support customers in person, on the phone, online or a combination of these.

What are the skills needed in taking reservation?

15 Essential Reservations Agent Skills For Your Resume And Career

  • Customer Service.
  • Communication.
  • Data Entry.
  • Front Office.
  • Outbound Calls.
  • Telephone Calls.
  • Guest Service.
  • Accurate Information.