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What is the proximal attachment point for the pectoralis minor?

Attachments of Pectoralis Minor Muscle: Origin & Insertion Origin: (proximal attachments): Anterior surfaces of the sternal ends of ribs 3-5. Insertion: (distal attachments): Coracoid process of scapula.

Where does the pectoralis minor attach?

Pectoralis minor muscle

Pectoralis minor
Origin Third to fifth ribs, near the costochondral junction
Insertion Medial border and superior surface of the coracoid process of the scapula
Artery Pectoral branch of the thoracoacromial trunk
Nerve Medial pectoral nerve (C8)

What does pectoralis minor connect to?

The pectoralis minor lies, for the most part, beneath the pectoralis major, arising from the middle ribs and inserting into (attaching to) the scapula (shoulder blade). It aids in drawing the shoulder forward and downward (in opposition to the trapezius muscle).

What is the origin and insertion for pec minor?

It is one of the anterior axioappendicular (thoracoappendicular) muscles, together with the pectoralis major, subclavius and serratus anterior….Pectoralis minor muscle.

Origin Anterior surface, costal cartilages of ribs 3-5
Insertion Medial border and coracoid process of scapula
Innervation Medial and lateral pectoral nerves (C5-T1)

What is the anterior skeletal attachment of the serratus anterior?

The serratus anterior is a muscle that originates on the surface of the 1st to 8th ribs at the side of the chest and inserts along the entire anterior length of the medial border of the scapula….Serratus anterior muscle.

Serratus anterior
Artery lateral thoracic artery, superior thoracic artery (upper part), thoracodorsal artery (lower part)

What does pec minor pain feel like?

Symptoms of the pec minor injury include; Chest pain – can be burning and stabbing. Anterior shoulder pain. Pain in between shoulder blades in upper back. Pain and/or numbness through the inner arm, inside of elbow, into wrist, hand and 4th and 5th fingers.

What causes pec minor tightness?

There are many possible causes of a tight pec minor muscle. Bad posture is certainly at the top of the list for most people. However, direct trauma to the chest, stress, prolonged use of crutches, or a heavy backpack carried over the shoulder will also do the trick.

What does serratus anterior do?

When the shoulder girdle is fixed, all three parts of the serratus anterior muscle work together to lift the ribs, assisting with respiration. The serratus anterior, also known as the “boxer’s muscle,” is largely responsible for the protraction of the scapula, a movement that occurs when throwing a punch.

What helps serratus anterior pain?

How is serratus anterior pain treated?

  1. Rest. Take it easy with your daily activities and try to rest the muscle as much as possible.
  2. Ice. Apply a towel-wrapped ice pack to the sore part of the muscle for 20 minutes at a time, several times a day.
  3. Compression.
  4. Elevation.

How is pec minor syndrome treated?

The best test for PMS is a pectoralis minor muscle block. Physical therapy is the initial treatment. Cutting the pectoralis minor tendon at its insertion on the bone below the collar bone (the coracoid process) is the surgical treatment.

Is the rhomboid minor part of the brachial plexus?

The rhomboids are generally completely separate muscles, but they can be fused in certain individuals. Rhomboid minor partially overlaps the superior portion of rhomboid major. Both rhomboid muscles are innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve (C4-C5), a branch of the brachial plexus.

Where are the rhomboid minor and major muscles located?

The rhomboid minor and major muscles are both innervated by the dorsal scapular nerve (C4-5), one of the minor branches of the brachial plexus that arises from the cervical portion of the spinal cord.

Which is the anterior relation to the pectoralis minor?

The main anterior relation is the pectoralis major muscle, found superficial to the pectoralis minor and almost completely covering it. Found between the two muscles are the lateral pectoral nerve and the pectoral branches of the thoracoacromial artery.

How is the pectoralis minor related to the serratus?

Posteriorly the pectoralis minor is related to the serratus anterior and intercostal muscles, the ribs and several neurovascular and lymphatic structures, described below. The pectoralis minor is important clinically and as a surgical landmark, due to the structures that lie below or deep to the muscle and its tendon.