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What is the population of Jalgaon 2021?

Jalgaon Population 2021

Year Population Growth
2022 588,888 12,382
2021 576,506 11,966
2020 564,540 11,618
2019 552,922 11,329

Why is Jalgaon famous?

Situated in the north-western part of Maharashtra, Jalgaon is a city that is best known for the gold produced in the city. Jalgaon is supposed to have the purest form of gold which is sold at a great price, which is how it came to be known as the Gold City. Apart from gold, it is also well known for bananas.

How many Jalgaon are there?

Jalgaon district
• Total 11,765 km2 (4,542 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total 4,229,917
• Density 360/km2 (930/sq mi)

Is Jalgaon a good place?

Located in the northern part of Maharashtra, Jalgaon has some of the best places to visit and explore around. Because it is nestled deep inside the heart of Maharashtra, not many people are aware of this place which further makes this quite an underrated spot to explore.

What is population of Nashik?

Nashik is one of districts of Maharashtra in India, Nashik District population in 2021 is 6,534,981 (estimates as per aadhar Dec 2020 data). As per 2011 census of India, Nashik District has a population of 6,107,187 in 2011 out of which 3,157,186 are male and 2,950,001 are female.

What is population of Malegaon?

• Total 33.56 km2 (12.96 sq mi)
Elevation 438 m (1,437 ft)
• Total 471,006

Which is Banana city of India?

District Jalgaon
District Jalgaon, Government of Maharashtra | Known as the Banana City | India.

Who is MLA of Jalgaon?

Assembly segments

Constituency number Name MLA
13 Jalgaon City Suresh Damu Bhole
14 Jalgaon Rural Gulab Raghunath Patil
15 Amalner Anil Bhaidas Patil
16 Erandol Chimanrao Patil

Who is IAS officer of Jalgaon?

IAS Officer

Name Course Location
Shubham Patil I.Sc Jalgaon
Akash Singh B.Com Jalgaon
Sneha Vasudeo Varade ME MTech Jalgaon
Shaikh Rehan Mushtaque BE BTech Jalgaon

Which is Banana City in India?

What is the famous food of Jalgaon?

Jalebi is a popular sweet dish of India and is made from refined flour and sugar syrup. In Jalgaon, Jalebi is made in the shape of coils and is deep fried until crisp. After that, it is dipped in rich sugar syrup and is served hot along with Rabdi or Curd.

What is the population of Jalgaon in India?

Population of Jalgaon in 2021 – 5.20 lakhs (approx) Jalgaon City. Census 2011. Total Population. 460,228 (4.60 Lacs) Male Population. 240,590. Female Population. 219,638.

What is the literacy rate of Jalgaon district?

The child population comprises 13.59 % of total rural population of Jalgaon district. Literacy rate in rural areas of Jalgaon district is 74.76 % as per census data 2011. Gender wise, male and female literacy stood at 83.32 and 65.63 percent respectively.

Which is the administrative seat of Jalgaon district?

The administrative seat is the city of Jalgaon . It is bordered by the state of Madhya Pradesh to the north and by the districts of Buldhana to the east, Jalna to the southeast, Aurangabad to the south, Nashik to the southwest, and Dhule to the west. In 10th and 11th century A.D. Jalgaon district constituted a part of Seuna-Desa of Yadav kingdom.

When did Jalgaon become part of yadav kingdom?

In 10th and 11th century A.D. Jalgaon district constituted a part of Seuna-Desa of Yadav kingdom. In March 1795 Marathas defeated Nizam of Ahmadnagar and Jalgaon became part of Maratha Kingdom. Before 1906, this district’s name was Khandesh district.