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What is the necklace in h2o?

The Lockets were created by Max Hamilton and were given to Louise Chatham, Gracie and Julia back in 1955. Created with the intention to remind the recently-turned mermaids of their special abilities, all the lockets initially had a photo of them as mermaids inside.

Why did Cleo and Rikki change their necklaces?

In the previous seasons, the three mermaids: Emma, Cleo and Rikki wore lockets to help them remember how special they were. After Emma left, the new trio replaced the lockets with crystal pendants, with stones found inside the caves of the walls of the Moon Pool.

What is Bella’s power in h20 Just Add Water?

Indiana Evans as Bella (series 3), the new girl in series three. She is a singer and performs at Rikki’s cafe. Bella became a mermaid in the sea caves of Ireland when she was nine, and has the power to change water into gelatine and a crystalline substance.

Do Will and Bella end up together in h2o?

At the party, Will tells Zane that he loves Bella. Nate gets angry and accidentally spills drinks on Bella. Bella escapes to the water and Will finds her. Bella and Will clear the misunderstanding and kiss, becoming a couple.

How does Charlotte lose her powers in H2O?

In one final power fight, Charlotte gets overwhelmed by the girls’ Combined Atmokinesis; the very power the girls obtained just before Charlotte arrived in town, and results in the most powerful mermaid being dropped into the moon pool, and stripping Charlotte of all of her powers, forever.

How old is Bella from h2o Just Add Water?

nine years old
Bella’s full name is Isabella Hartley. This is revealed in the last episode, “Graduation”. Having transformed at nine years old, she is both the youngest-depicted mermaid in the original series (before Neptina in Mako Mermaids) and had spent the longest time as a mermaid.

Is Bella a real mermaid?

Bella became a mermaid when she was nine years old. She found a sea cave with a pool, and when she jumped into the pool on a Full Moon night, she was transformed into a mermaid. Bella found a dark blue crystal at the Moon Pool where she became a mermaid.

Why did Rikki kiss will?

Does anyone else feel like they built up this romance between Will and Rikki is season 3 and then dropped it. The way she saved him and he called her an angel. Even in that scene she was kissing him to give him oxygen.

Are Rebekah and Hayley friends in real life?

Trivia. Claire Holt (Rebekah) and Phoebe Tonkin (Hayley) are, in real life, best friends. Rebekah is the second person to call Hayley “wolf girl,” the first being Klaus.