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What is the meaning of Manquer?

to miss
The regular -er French verb manquer means “to miss,” which seems straightforward enough, and yet it causes no end of confusion due to a strange turnaround it requires in a certain construction.

How do you use Manquer in French?

The French verb manquer is a regular -ER verb. It means “to miss,” but can cause confusion because it is sometimes used in an unusual construction….To Miss Someone.

David me manque. ~ David manque à moi. I miss David. ~ David is missing to me.
Tu nous manques. ~ Tu manques à nous. We miss you. ~ You are missing to us.

What does Monquer mean in French?

mock. More meanings for moquer. mock verb. railler, se moquer de, parodier, tourner en ridicule, imiter.

What is the difference between rater and Manquer?

Both can be used to mean: I missed my shot, school, my deadline, etc.. Rater can be used to mean failing an exam, or when a gun does not fire its shot, it means to go wrong. Manquer means to fail, to be lacking, to be absent.

How do you use Manquer in past tense?

You can use the verb manquer to say when you have physically missed something. For example, ‘I missed the train’ or ‘He missed the test. ‘ In this case, you do not need to invert the subject and object. You use the verb most often in the past tense: J’ai manqué le train or Il a manqué l’examen.

Is Manquer regular or irregular?

The Basic Conjugations of Manquer Manquer is a regular -er verb so it follows the conjugation pattern that most French verbs use.

How do you use Manquer in a sentence?

Look at these sentences with the verb manquer in an emotional sense:

  1. Mon ancienne école me manque . I miss my old school.
  2. Jean lui manque. She/he misses Jean.
  3. Il manque à ma soeur.My sister misses him.
  4. Je manque à Thomas. Thomas misses me.