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What is the largest school bus in the world?

Offering a seating capacity of 97 student passengers, the DT-16 was the largest school bus ever mass-produced.

Who owns Gillig Bus?

Henry Crown & Company

Gillig headquarters in Livermore
Area served North America
Products Heavy-duty, low-floor transit buses
Parent Henry Crown & Company

What is the oldest school bus?

1927 Blue Bird
This 1927 Blue Bird is the oldest surviving school bus in America. Albert Luce, Sr., built his first bus in 1925 by mounting a purchased wood body to a Ford truck frame.

Who is the manufacturer of the Gillig Phantom?

The Gillig Phantom is a series of buses that was produced by an American manufacturer Gillig Corporation in Hayward, California. The successor to the long-running Gillig Transit Coach model line, the Phantom marked the transition of Gillig from a producer of yellow school buses to that of transit buses.

What kind of bus is the Gillig Phantom?

Across its production, the Gillig Phantom was produced in three primary configurations. Alongside the standard transit bus, Gillig offered a suburban configuration (fitted with forward-facing seats) and the Gillig Phantom School Bus (adapted for school bus use).

When did Detroit stop making the Gillig Phantom?

The Phantom was formerly available with the Detroit Diesel Series 50 engine from 1993 until 2004 when Detroit Diesel cut production of the Series 50 engine. The Detroit Diesel Series 40 engine was available from 1995 to 2003. A liquefied natural gas fueled version was produced beginning in 1992; it was later discontinued.

How big is the body of a Gillig Phantom?

When introduced in 1980, the Gillig Phantom was offered in a single configuration: a 96-inch width and a 35-foot body length. For 1981, additional 30-foot and 40-foot lengths were introduced; in 1983, a 102-inch body width entered production.