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What is the indefinite integral of sin?

The general antiderivative of sin(x) is −cos(x)+C .

What is the integral of the sine function?

The integral of sinx is −cosx+C and the integral of cosx is sinx+C. …

What is integration of sin 4x?

Answer: The integral of int sin4(x) dx is (3/8)​x + (1/32) sin(4x) − (1/4)​ sin(2x) + C. Let’s look into the steps below.

What is Antiderivative of Sinx?

What is the antiderivative of sin. A lot of people just memorize that the antiderivative of sinx is simply –cosx.

What is the integral of product rule?

A rule exists for integrating products of functions and in the following section we will derive it. dx = d(uv) dx = u dv dx + v du dx . Rearranging this rule: u dv dx = d(uv) dx − v du dx .

What is the integration of Cos 2x?

The integral of cos(2x) is (1/2)sin(2x) + C, where C is a constant.

What is E 2x integral?

Answer: The integration of e2x is [(e2x)/2] + c, by using the substitution method for the integration.

Which is the formula for the integration of sin?

The integration of sin function formula can be written in terms of any variable. (1) ∫ sin (b) d b = − cos (b) + c

Which is the formula for the sine function?

Integration of the sine function is an important integral formula in integral calculus. This integral belongs to the trigonometric formulae. The integration of the sine function is of the form. ∫ sin. ⁡. x d x = – cos. ⁡. x + c. To prove this formula, consider.

Can a trig function be converted to an integral?

It does, however converting from one trig function that is squared to another that is squared doesn’t get you any further in solving the problem. But converting a squared trig function to one that isn’t squared, such as in the video, well, sin²x gets you 1/2 – cos (2x)/2, and that you can integrate directly.