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What is the English word for cheque?

Cheque is the British English spelling for the document used for making a payment, whereas American English uses check.

What is crystallize in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to form crystals or assume crystalline form. 2 : to cause to take a definite form tried to crystallize his thoughts. 3 : to coat with crystals especially of sugar crystallize grapes.

What is the meaning of crystallisation?

Crystallization or crystallisation is the process by which a solid forms, where the atoms or molecules are highly organized into a structure known as a crystal. The first is nucleation, the appearance of a crystalline phase from either a supercooled liquid or a supersaturated solvent.

What is the other name for cheque?

In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for cheque, like: cheque-postal, check out, cash-only, money order, bank check, postal-order, invoice, check, , debit and eurocheques.

How do you spell bank cheque?

Summary: Check vs. Cheque

  1. Check is the preferred spelling in American English for all contexts.
  2. Cheque is the preferred British English for financial contexts.

How do you spell check British English in Word?

In Word for the web, click or tap where you’re going to add text, or select the text that you want to mark as a different language. On the Review tab, select Editor > Set Proofing Language. Scroll to the language you want to use and select it. Select OK.

What is crystallization one word?

Crystallization is the process in which crystals are formed either from something that has been melted or from a solution. Crystallization is a process of concentrating a solution to a supersaturated state to cause the formation of solid particles in a homogeneous phase.

What is crystallisation in banking?

What Is Crystallization? Crystallization is the selling of a security to trigger capital gains or losses. Once there is a capital gain or loss, investment tax applies to the proceeds.

Is crystallization a word?

the act or process of crystallizing. a crystallized body or formation.

What is cheque bank?

A cheque is a document you can issue to your bank, directing it to pay the specified sum mentioned in digits as well as words to the person whose name is borne on the cheque. Cheques are also called negotiable instruments.

What is Dishonoured cheque?

What is Dishonour of Cheque? A cheque is said to be honoured if the banks give the amount to the payee. While, if the bank refuses to pay the amount to the payee, the cheque is said to be dishonoured. In other words, dishonour of cheque is a condition in which the bank refuses to pay the amount of cheque to the payee.

Which is the correct spelling check or cheque?

There is a similar diversity of meanings for the verb check: The spelling cheque is associated with British English (used in Great Britain as well as the commonwealth countries such as Canada and Australia), but usually applies to one particular sense—that referring to a document for making a payment.

What does the word crystallize mean in English?

If you crystallize an opinion or idea, or if it crystallizes, it becomes fixed and definite in someone’s mind . He has managed to crystallise the feelings of millions of ordinary people. [VERB noun] Now my thoughts really began to crystallise.

Which is the best definition of crystallization process?

A separation technique to separate solids from a solution. Crystallization can be defined as the process through which the atoms/molecules of a substance arrange themselves in a well-defined three-dimensional lattice and consequently, minimize the overall energy of the system.

What’s the difference between a check and a cheque?

Our endorsement for each. Cheque is the British English spelling for the document used for making a payment, whereas American English uses check. Check also has a number of other uses as a noun (e.g., a check mark, a hit in hockey, etc.) and as a verb (“to inspect,” “to limit,” etc.).