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What is the engine of Toyota LiteAce?

A five-door, dual sliding door version arrived in September 1973 as an option, along with a new high-roof wagon model….1970–1979 (M10) LiteAce van/truck.

Related Toyota TownAce (R10)
Engine 1166 cc 3K I4 (gasoline) 1290 cc 4K-J I4 (gasoline)
Transmission 4-speed manual

How many cc is TownAce?

Toyota Townace Van: Basic Specifications

length 4.045 – 4.045m height 1.9 – 1.9m width 1.665 – 1.665m
Maximum power 97ps
Drive Type AWD/FF/FR
Engine Capacity 1,495cc
Number of Seats 2 – 5

What is the difference between Hiace and Regiusace?

The different between Hiace and regiusace is that HiAce comes with high roof option, where on the other hand the regiusace has only offered standard roof. The 2nd generation of Regius is based on the fifth generation of Toyota HiAce. The new model of the Regius comes with same comfort and class as the high-end HiAce.

How many tonnes is a Toyota HiAce?

Toyota Hiace Van – New The 1 Tonne (LWB) has a 2.9 metre cargo area length and 1 tonne carrying capacity, and the 1.5 Tonne (SLWB) has a 3.47 metre cargo area length and 1.5 tonne carrying capacity they are a highly versatile cargo vans for van rental Sydney & Brisbane.

What kind of car is the Toyota LiteAce?

Toyota LiteAce. The Toyota LiteAce and TownAce are a line of light commercial and derivative passenger vans produced by the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota. These vehicles originally utilized the cab-over-engine configuration, although since 1996 a semi-cab-over arrangement has featured instead.

When did the Toyota LiteAce R10 come out?

A five-door, dual sliding door version arrived in September 1973 as an option, along with a new high-roof wagon model. The nine-seater wagon was retired in 1975 as it did not satisfy new Japanese emission standards. Later in October 1976, the TownAce (R10) was released—a larger model heavily based on the M10 series LiteAce.

When did the Toyota LiteAce M20 come out?

Second generation LiteAce van/wagons and trucks were released to the Japanese market in October 1979. Widely exported for the first time, the M20 included seating for up to eight in the wagon with a 2/3/3 arrangement, including fully reclining seatbacks for the second and third rows.

When did the third generation LiteAce van come out?

The third generation LiteAce van/wagon (M30/M40 series) were placed on the market in September 1985 with four roof variations—a standard roof, a high roof, a high roof with panoramic moonroof ( Skylite roof), and a high roof for the SW grade. Dimensionally, body width increased at the expense of length.