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What is the difference between innerText and outerText?

innerText: what’s between the tags of the element. outerText: content of the element, including the tags.

Does Firefox support innerText?

innerText is/will be supported in FF as of 2016.

What is the difference between textContent and innerText?

textContents is all text contained by an element and all its children that are for formatting purposes only. innerText returns all text contained by an element and all its child elements. innerHtml returns all text, including html tags, that is contained by an element.

Can I use outerHTML?

Use the outerHTML when you want to completely replace an element and its contents. You might do this if you have a loading section. The new content with the outerHTML replaces it. Use innerHTML when you only want to replace the contents inside the element.

What is outer text HTML?

Definition and Usage. The outerText property sets or returns the text content of the specified node. This property is similar to the inner innerText property, in fact getting the outerText returns the same result as getting the innerText property.

How do you break a line in innerText?

So if you want to use InnerText in Visual Basic, you’ll need to use the vbCrLf constant for linebreaks. Also, quite obvious from the names, InnerHtml represents the HTML inside the element you’re modifying, while InnerText represents the rendered text.

What is the difference between innerHTML and innerText Which one of the following is incorrect?

innerText and innerHTML are the properties of JavaScript….Differene between innerText and innerHTML.

innerText innerHTML
We can not insert the HTML tags. We can insert the HTML tags.
It ignores the spaces. It considers the spaces.
It returns text without an inner element tag. It returns a tag with an inner element tag.

Is outerHTML a string?

Reading the value of outerHTML returns a DOMString containing an HTML serialization of the element and its descendants. Setting the value of outerHTML replaces the element and all of its descendants with a new DOM tree constructed by parsing the specified htmlString .

What’s the difference between innertext and outertext in HTML?

innerText: what’s between the tags of the element. outerText: content of the element, includingthe tags.

Is it possible to use innertext in Firefox?

As in 2016 from Firefox v45, innerText works on firefox, take a look at its support: If you want it to work on previous versions of Firefox, you can use textContent, which has better support on Firefox but worse on older IE versions:

What does htmlelement.outertext do as a getter?

HTMLElement.outerText is a non-standard property. As a getter, it returns the same value as HTMLElement.innerText. As a setter, it removes the current node and replaces it with the given text. See this StackOverflow answer.

Why does inner text not work in Safari?

In Safari, innerTextfunctions properly only if an element is neither hidden (via style.display == “none”) nor orphaned from the document. Otherwise, innerTextresults in an empty string. I was playing with textContentabstraction (to work around these deficiencies), but it turned out to be rather complex.