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What is the dental code for tooth extraction?

D7140 – extraction, erupted tooth or exposed root (ele- vation, and/or forcep removal). The descriptor of this code includes routine removal of tooth structure, minor smoothing of socket bone and closure as necessary.

Is D7210 a simple extraction?

The important thing to note in the descriptor of D7210 is what is required to elevate an extraction from a “simple” extraction to a “surgical” extraction.

What is dental Code D7241?

D7241 removal of impacted tooth – completely bony, with unusual. surgical complications. Most or all of crown covered by bone; unusually difficult or complicated due to factors such as nerve dissection required, separate closure of maxillary sinus required or aberrant tooth position.

What is dental Code D9230?

D9230-Analgesia, Anxiolysis, Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide — (The word anxiolysis is defined as “reduction of anxiety utilizing a pharmacologic agent such as Benzodiazipine or nitrous oxide.”) This code refers to anxiety-controlling drugs. It may be a covered dental benefit when reported with oral surgery procedures.

What is the dental code for a root extraction?

root requires cutting tissue (soft and bone), the applicable procedure and its code is D7250. Questions or Assistance? Call 800-621-8099 or send an email to [email protected]

What is the ADA Guide to tooth and remnants?

ADA Guide to Extractions – Tooth and Remnants Developed by the ADA, this guide is published to educate dentists and others in the dental community on procedures documented with CDT Codes D7140, D7210 and D7250 – selection of which depends on the

When to use d7250 for bone removal?

D7250 is the appropriate code for removal of residual roots requiring bone removal. The claim denial rationale reflects benefit plan limitations and exclusions or other third-party payer claim adjudication criteria. 6) When removing a residual root does not require cutting of soft tissue and bone is D7250 appropriate to report the procedure?