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What is the deadliest single plane crash in history?

Japan Airlines Flight 123
Japan Airlines Flight 123 (1985) The crash of Japan Airlines Flight 123 remains the worst air accident involving a single aircraft to date. The Boeing 747 was carrying 524 passengers, including crew when it crashed into mountainous terrain at Mount Takamagahara, north-west of Tokyo.

What is tail strike in aviation?

Tail strike, which occurs when an airplane tail contacts the runway during takeoff or landing, is an event that can be encountered by virtually all transport airplane designs.

Where did Northwest Airlines Flight 115 originate from?

Northwest Flight 115 originated at Chicago and was heading for Seattle Via intermediate stops. At Minneapolis, the first scheduled stop. both the equipment and the flight crew were changed. N93040 departed Minneapolis at 00:30 and proceeded uneventfully to Billings, Great Falls and Helena.

What was the date of Pan Am Flight 115?

Pan Am Flight 115 was a commercial flight from Paris via London to New York City. At 22:05 GMT (16:05 EDT) on 3 February 1959 it was involved in one of the most notable jet upset incidents of the jet airliner age, over the North Atlantic near Newfoundland . The aircraft was a Boeing 707-121 with registration N712PA, nicknamed “Clipper Washington”.

What was the station altimeter setting on Flight 115?

Butte acknowledged this message, gave that flight the station altimeter setting of 29.97, advised that the wind was south, calm, and that the Weather Bureau advised what the ceiling was lower to the east and north and better to the south and southwest. Flight 115 replied that it had vertical visibility at 10,500 feet.

Who was the captain of Tuninter Flight 1153?

The flight was under the command of 45-year-old Captain Chafik Al Gharbi (شفيق الغربي), a skilled and experienced pilot with a total of 7,182 flight hours. The co-pilot, 28-year-old Ali Kebaier Al-Aswad (علي كبيّر الأسود), had logged 2,431 flight hours.