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What is the best way to record Xbox gameplay?

To capture the last 30 seconds of game play, press the Xbox button on your controller and then press the button (Record that). For longer recordings, press the Xbox button on your controller, then choose Capture options. Then select Record from now or Capture what happened.

How do I retrieve Xbox recordings?

Press the Xbox button  to open the guide, then go to Capture & share. Select Recent captures > Show all. Select the list view button on the right to display your captures in a list.

Can you record gameplay on Xbox?

According to Xbox support, you can record up to 10 minutes of gameplay at a time on the Xbox One’s internal storage, depending on the resolution of the footage and the amount of space available on your hard drive.

How do you record longer than 10 minutes on Xbox?

Situation 2. How to Record on Xbox One for More than 10 Minutes?

  1. Start the game which you want to record.
  2. Open the main menu by pressing the Xbox button on controller.
  3. Press the View button on the controller to open Capture menu.
  4. Choose Record from now and press the A button on controller.

Can you use OBS to record Xbox?

Xbox gameplay capture is easy using HD and any capture/streaming application like OBS.

Why are my Xbox captures not showing up?

Open the guide > Broadcast & capture > Capture > Manage Captures. The default filter shows everything already published on Xbox Live. To see clips you’ve captured but not yet uploaded, select the filter On Xbox Live and choose On this Xbox.

How do you record longer than 5 minutes on Xbox?

How to record Xbox One gameplay ahead of time for longer footage

  1. Start playing the game that you want to record, then press the Xbox button on the controller to open the menu.
  2. Press the View button.
  3. On the next menu, select “Record from now” and press the A button.