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What is the Armenian hangover cure?

Gelatinous beef trotters—flavored tableside with sinus-clearing add-ins like lemon, salt, vinegar and raw garlic—may sound like the last thing you’d reach for when nursing a hangover, but Armenians swear by khash’s panacean powers, particularly in the winter, when it’s customarily eaten.

Is Khash an Armenian dish?

Khash (Armenian: խաշ; known by the derivations khashi (Georgian: ხაში) and Azerbaijani: xaş, respectively) is a dish of boiled cow or sheep parts, which might include the head, feet, and stomach (tripe).

Where did Khash originate from?


Do Armenians like spicy food?

24 – Armenian Rice Pilaf Nothing is ever too simple when it comes to Armenian recipes. Armenians love to inject plenty of spice and flavor into even the most basic foods.

What is traditional Armenian food?

Lamb, eggplant, and bread (lavash) are basic features of Armenian cuisine. Armenians traditionally prefer cracked wheat (bulgur) to maize and rice. The flavor of the food often relies on the quality and freshness of the ingredients rather than on excessive use of spices.

What is kale Pache in English?

Translated literally, kaleh pacheh means “head and hoof soup”. While traditionally regarded as a festive winter soup, when eaten for breakfast, this Persian soup is a hearty way to start a day.

What is the national dish of Austria?

Tafelspitz is generally considered to be the national dish of Austria, and it a boiled beef broth which is then served with horseradish, root vegetables, spices and minced apples.

What do Armenians eat on Easter?

So, Armenians cook rice with raisins where rice is the symbol of humanity, and raisins represent all Christians. The easter table also includes Armenian fish Ishkhan and red wine, which symbolize the flesh and blood of Christ.

What is the national fruit of Armenia?

The apricot has been the symbol of nationality and victory for Armenians for many centuries.

Who are the Khash lovers in current day Armenia?

In current-day Armenia, khash lovers are young and old, rich and poor. But in a country where nearly one-third of the population lives in poverty, it goes without saying that not everyone has the means to throw elaborate feasts.

When was the first Khash dish made in Armenia?

Though khash is an ancient dish, mentioned in medieval Armenian texts as early as the 12th century, the ceremonial fanfare surrounding it appears to be a relatively recent phenomenon.

What kind of soup do they eat in Armenia?

Armenian soups include spas, made from matzoon, hulled wheat and herbs (usually cilantro), and aveluk, made from lentils, walnuts, and wild mountain sorrel (which gives the soup its name). Kiufta soup is made with large balls of strained boiled meat (kiufta) and greens.

What foods do Armenians eat in the Caucasus?

Lamb, yogurt, eggplant and bread are basic features of the cuisine of the Caucasus, and in this regard, Armenian cuisine is no different, but there are some regional differences. Armenian dishes make heavy use of bulgur, especially in their pilavs, while Georgian variations use maize, and Azeri cuisine favors rice.