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What is synchronous read in file adapter?

It will start with polling a file directory using read file operation and will invoke a process. This was working as expected.

What is difference between sync read and read in file adapter?

Question: Difference between Read & Sync-Read operation in File & FTP adapter? Answer: Read is used when Polling is required to be done while SyncRead is used when you need to read the file in between the flow i.e you want to have a synchrnous communication.

Does synchronous post to BPEL?

BPEL can connect to synchronous web services through a partner link, send data, and receive the reply in the same synchronous invocation. A partner link is required for each web service that the BPEL process service component calls.

What is SOA file adapter?

As part of Oracle SOA Suite, oracle provides Adapters which are developed based on JCA architecture which will help us in integrating with the systems which are not exposed as Services.

What is MFT in SOA?

MFT (Managed File Transfer) is out of box functionality introduced in Oracle SOA 12c. By using MFT we can securely exchange the files between two internal or external points. You can also transfer the file to any other point like FTP, SFTP etc but for simplicity we took local folders.

How do I create a DB adapter for SOA?

Datasource and JNDI configuration for DB adapter

  1. Login into the weblogic console http://localhost:7101/console.
  2. Click on lock and edit.
  3. Expand Services and click on Data sources.
  4. Click New -> Generic Data Dource.
  5. Enter below information and click Next.

What is correlation in SOA 12c?

Correlation is basically the process of matching an inbound message to the BPEL engine with a specific process. [ Matching a callback response to a specific bpel process request among multiple requests]

How do you create a correlation set in BPEL?

A correlation set is defined in a BPEL file….To define a correlation set:

  1. In the Design view, right-click the Process element and choose Add -> Correlation Set.
  2. In the Add Correlation Set dialog box, specify the name for the correlation set and click Add to add properties.

How do I use a SOA 12c file adapter?

File Adapter in SOA

  1. Let the default selection be ‘Define from operation and schema (specified later)
  2. Let the default File Server JNDI name as ‘eis/FileAdapter’
  3. Selection Operation as ‘Read’ leave other fields as default.
  4. Give the directory path of the files from where SOA system will read the data from.

Can we read remote files using file adapter?

Question: Can we read remote files using file adapter? Answer: To read file from remote location we need to use FTP adapter.

What type of patterns does MFT support?

These patterns involve robust network communication and security layers(AS2, FTP/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS etc.), complex data translation layers(XML, EDI, CSV, IDOC, Flat Files, custom formats and more), industry standard enterprise adapters(FTP, JDBC, SAP, JDE, Web Services, etc.)

What are the BPEL pm and mediator adapters?

BPEL PM and Mediator include the Oracle File and FTP Adapters. The Oracle File and FTP Adapters enable a BPEL process or a Mediator to exchange (read and write) files on local file systems and remote file systems (through use of the file transfer protocol (FTP)). The file contents can be both XML and non-XML data formats.

How to use FTP adapter in Oracle BPEL pm?

The Oracle File and FTP Adapters are automatically integrated with Oracle BPEL PM. When you drag and drop File Adapter for FTP Adapter from the Component Palette of JDeveloper BPEL Designer, the Adapter Configuration Wizard starts with a Welcome page, as shown in Figure 4-1. Figure 4-1 The Adapter Configuration Wizard – Welcome Page

Is there an adapter for the Oracle file?

The term Oracle JCA Adapter for Files/FTP is used for the Oracle File and FTP Adapters, which are separate adapters with very similar functionality. BPEL PM and Mediator include the Oracle File and FTP Adapters.

How does an oracle FTP adapter work with mediator?

The Oracle File and FTP Adapters are automatically integrated with Mediator. When you create an Oracle File or FTP Adapter service in JDeveloper Designer, the Adapter Configuration Wizard is started. This wizard enables you to select and configure the Oracle File and FTP Adapters.