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What is Smtown COEX Artium?

For those who are unfamiliar, SMTOWN Coex Artium is an entertainment complex centered around SMTOWN artists. Calling itself a “theme park in the city,” the Artium boasts six floors full of merchandise, photo opportunities, theaters, various activities, and more.

Is COEX owned by SM?

SM Entertainment has announced the closure of SMTOWN Coex Artium. SMTOWN Coex Artium first opened in 2015 and became a tourist destination for K-pop fans, especially of SM Entertainment artists. The building featured attractions such as a café, museum, theater, and store where fans could purchase merchandise.

Can I visit Smtown?

SMTOWN is a free admission culture complex space that is the brainchild of SM Entertainment, one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies. However, this public place is not to be confused with SM Entertainment headquarters in the upscale neighborhood of Cheongdam-dong.

What does SM stand for in Smtown?

Albums, concerts. S.M. Entertainment (Hangul: SM엔터테인먼트) is an independent Korean record label, talent agency, producer, and publisher of pop music, founded by Lee Soo-man in South Korea. Initially, “SM” was an abbreviation of the agency founder’s name, but now stands for “Star Museum.” Its current CEO is Kim Young-min.

Where is Smtown COEX Artium?

Coex Artium [코엑스아티움] is a musical performance hall located at COEX [코엑스] in Seoul’s neighborhood Samseong-dong [삼성동] in the Gangnam District [Gangnam-gu/강남구].

Who owns SM COEX?

In January 2016, founder Lee Soo-man held a conference at the SM Coex Artium, announcing plans for a new boy group, NCT (Neo Culture Technology), with “unlimited members”. The first unit of this group, NCT U, released its first two singles in April 2016.

Who is the owner of SM malls?

SM Prime
SM Supermalls/Owners

SM Supermalls is owned by SM Prime Holdings, Inc., the Philippines’ biggest developer, operator and owner of world-class malls — 77 in the country and 7 in China. SM Prime started its mall development business in 1985 with the opening of SM North EDSA.

Is Smtown still open?

From its opening in 2015 to its closure in May and June 2021, SM ran the SMTOWN museum and the SMTOWN &Store here. Artium’s facade also serves as a digital billboard, which previously presented the public media art project “WAVE” in 2020.

Where is the SM Entertainment building?

The new headquarter building of SM Entertainment is located in Cheongdam-dong, the southern part of Seoul. Very close to JYP Entertainment Building is Cube Entertainment building. Also located in Cheongdam area, southern Seoul.

Who is CEO of SM?

Lee Sung-soo (Mar 10, 2020–)
Nam So Young (Mar 31, 2017–)Han Se Min (Mar 31, 2017–)
SM Entertainment/CEO

Is kangta director of SM?

In March 2014, Kangta, alongside labelmate BoA, was appointed as a de facto creative director of S.M. Entertainment.

Why did SM COEX close?

It turns out that these hearsays proved to be true, as SM Entertainment later confirmed that the must-visit location for local and international fans will be shutting down “due to financial losses”. The popular tourist attraction SMTOWN@coexartium was just shut down for the weekend (May 8-9).

Who are the artists in SMTOWN Coex Artium?

Formerly also known as SMTOWN Coex Artium [SMTOWN 코엑스아티움], it previously housed a 6-floor entertainment complex run by SM Entertainment, which focused on the artists who are signed with this company. These include Super Junior, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, and Girls Generation — which Seohyun (also in Time) is a part of.

What do you need to know about SMTown coexartium?

Catering to K-Pop fever, SMTOWN coexartium offers avid fans the opportunity to tour through training and recording rooms, see hologram performances, and buy products and souvenirs of popular idols. Suggest edits to improve what we show. Explore different ways to experience this place.

How is the wave at SMTOWN Coex created?

Created by d’strict, when viewed from the correct angle the illusion uses both the front and sides of the building’s screen to create the illusion of a giant crashing wave. Complete with matching audio, the wave sloshes back and forth appearing as though it has been captured inside the building itself.

Who is Yoo Tan in SMTOWN Coex Artium?

Yoo Tan (Kim Myung-soo) comes to the building of KG Entertainment in episode 1 of One More Time/The Day After We Broke Up (헤어진 다음날) (Netflix, 2016), after receiving a phone call from Kang Ye-seul (Lee Tae-im) about a proposition.