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What is semispinalis capitis?

Semispinalis capitis is a long paired muscle that belongs to the deep layer of muscles of the back. It forms the superior, and largest, component of the three-part semispinalis muscle. These muscles participate in extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the head, cervical and thoracic spine.

What is the function of splenius capitis?

Function. Bilaterally, the splenius capitis muscles extend and hyper-extend the head and neck. However, acting unilaterally, the muscle flexes and rotates the head and neck to the same side; particularly in the superior and inferior lateral oblique movements.

What is Semispinalis muscle?

semispinalis muscle, any of the deep muscles just to either side of the spine that arise from the transverse processes (side projections) of the lower vertebrae and reach upward across several vertebrae to insert at the spines of vertebrae farther up, except for the upper segment (semispinalis capitis), which inserts …

Is capitis a semispinalis?

The semispinalis capitis (complexus) is situated at the upper and back part of the neck, deep to the splenius, and medial to the longissimus cervicis and longissimus capitis….

Semispinalis muscles
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What is the Splenius capitis?

Description. Musculus splenius capitis is one of the deep (or intrinsic) muscles of the back. It is a broad strap-like muscle in the back of the neck. Deep to Sternocleidomastoid at the mastoid process.

What are the 3 Semispinalis muscles?

Anatomical terms of muscle The semispinalis muscles are a group of three muscles belonging to the transversospinales. These are the semispinalis capitis, the semispinalis cervicis and the semispinalis thoracis.

Is semispinalis capitis superficial or deep?

Deep: semispinalis capitis and cervicis The semispinalis muscles originate on the transverse processes, and course medially to attach closer to the midline of the spine.

What are the facts about the semispinalis capitis muscle?

Key facts about the semispinalis capitis muscle; Origin: Articular processes of vertebrae C4-C7, transverse processes of vertebrae T1-T6: Insertion: Between superior and inferior nuchal lines of occipital bone: Action: Bilateral contraction – extension of head, cervical and thoracic spine

What kind of muscle is semispinalis cervicis made of?

Semispinalis Cervicis – Physiopedia Description Semispinalis Cervicis belongs to the Transversospinal group of muscles, formed of muscles between a spinous process and the transverse process of the vertebrae below . [1] [2] Origin Transverse processes of T1 to T6, articular processes of the 4th to 7th cervical vertebrae [3] [4]…

Where are the semispinalis and multifidus muscles located?

Together the semispinalis, multifidus and rotatores muscles comprises the deep (transversospinal) layer of the back muscles. These muscles participate in extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the head, cervical and thoracic spine.