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What is second cut stag?

Second cut stag is where the inner part of the antler material is used. It is the plain material left over after the natural surface parts have been sawn off. Hence “second” cut (a seconds quality). Very often such knives will then have a milled jigged surface that tries to simulate the natural stag surface.

What do the X’s on a Case knife mean?

The XX trademark goes way back to the early days of Case. The were one of the first knife co to double temper the steel. The would mark an “X” on the batch of knives when the when in the furnace and then when they put them in for the second run they would mark the second X so they would know the had be tested twice.

What is a half Whittler knife?

The Half Whittler is a double-hinged pattern based off the Pen knife and was designed as the name intended; for whittling. This folding knife includes Clip and Pen blades. Often times pen blades are found in pocket knives that have more than one blade.

What is bone stag?

Genuine Case BoneStag® has evolved from genuine jigged bone treated under an open flame exactly as they treat Genuine Stag. This beautiful treatment gives each handle a unique golden brown look. This striking family of knives from W.R. Case and Sons has the unique designation 6.5.

What is the oldest Case knife?

Cases oldest version is a 3 5/8″ jack knife that is usually called a gunstock. Case began manufacturing them sometime before 1915, and had already discontinued it before 1940.

What does Whittler mean?

Definitions of whittler. someone who whittles (usually as an idle pastime) type of: bum, do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer. person who does no work.

What is a whittler knife used for?

Specialty Knives As with any hobby, whittling wood can come with an array of accouterments. This knife above is a special knife that is useful when whittling spoons. The curved blade helps cut the bowl of spoons and ladles. It is harder to sharpen then straight knives but makes short work of curved cuts.

What does the numbers on a case knife mean?

This number tells you exactly what kind of knife you have. The first number indicates the type of material used to make the handle. The second digit gives the number of blades. The last two or more digits indicate the factory pattern number.

What is Stag knife handle made of?

These handles are made from the antlers of deer. It is very popular to collectors because of its beauty, durability, and the fact that no two handles look exactly alike.