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What is Ryan Crouser famous for?

Ryan Crouser won his second Olympic shot put gold medal Thursday at the Tokyo Olympics, throwing 76 feet, 5 1/2 inches to crush the Olympic record and easily outpace fellow American Joe Kovacs, who took the silver with a toss of 74-3 3/4.

What is the longest throw in shot put?

76 ft
Men (absolute)

Rank Mark Athlete
1 23.37 m (76 ft 8 in) Ryan Crouser
2 23.12 m (75 ft 10 in) Randy Barnes
3 23.06 m ( 75 ft 73⁄4 in) Ulf Timmermann
4 22.91 m ( 75 ft 13⁄4 in) Alessandro Andrei

How far is the farthest shot put throw?

Ryan Crouser throws 76 feet, 8 1/4 inches, breaks 31-year-old shot put world record at U.S. trials. EUGENE, Ore. — The record was older than he is. When Ryan Crouser broke it, “it felt like it was a huge weight lifted.”

What’s the farthest shot put throw?

Men (absolute)

Rank Mark Date
1 23.37 m (76 ft 8 in) 18 June 2021
2 23.12 m (75 ft 10 in) 20 May 1990
3 23.06 m ( 75 ft 73⁄4 in) 22 May 1988
4 22.91 m ( 75 ft 13⁄4 in) 12 August 1987

Why are shot putters fat?

Shot putters need their size in part in order to be able to “get behind” the implement – which for men hits the scales at 7.26kg. The linear glide technique is being supplanted by the rotational method more and more among many elite males.

Who was the Olympic shot put champion in 1912?

Two-handed shot put. Ralph Rose, a two-time Olympic champion in the standard shot put, topped the competition. Pat McDonald, who defeated Rose in the 1912 regular shot put final, took the silver medal. Elmer Niklander of Finland came third and went on to place in the top four of all the Olympic shot put and discus events that year.

Who was the American shot putter at the Olympics?

Some sports historians continue to treat the results of these games as part of the Olympic canon. At this event a men’s shot put was held and Martin Sheridan of the United States won the competition. Hungary’s Mihály Dávid was the runner-up while Swedish thrower Eric Lemming was the bronze medalist.

What’s the world record for the shot put?

Shot put at the Olympics. The Olympic record for the women’s event was set by the East German athlete Ilona Slupianek with a put of 22.41 m (73 ft 6 1⁄4 in) in 1980, and the record for the men’s event of 22.52 m (73 ft 10 1⁄2 in) was set by the American Ryan Crouser in 2016. Two variations on the event have been contested at…

What was the weight of the shot put at the Olympics?

Athletes were allowed to throw rather than put the implement, which weighed 14 pounds (6.35 kg). Nikolaos Georgantas won the event for the host nation, while Sheridan (filling in for his absent team mate, Jim Mitchel) placed second.