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What Is Oppa food?

Opaa! Food Management specializes in serving the nutritional needs of K-12 school districts in the Midwest. When school districts partner with Opaa!, they are assured of a wide variety of fresh, safe, and nutritious choices to support a healthy learning environment, all at an exceptional value.

What does Opaa stand for?


Acronym Definition
OPAA Office of Post Award Administration (Oregon State University and University of Texas)
OPAA Outstanding PolyU (Polytechnic University) Alumni Award (Hong Kong)
OPAA Other Public Access Areas (water management)
OPAA Oregon Political Accountability Act

How do you order meals on Nutrislice?

1. The Nutrislice ordering app makes it easy to skip lines and ensure you and/or your children eat exactly what you’d like. Simply place an order then pick up food from the cafeteria! Or go to on a browser.

How do I add money to Nutrislice?

You do not need to add any funds to nutrislice. Accounts are still funded through my school bucks with credit cards or by checks sent in to our offices. Any balances you had last year are still available for you to use this year.

How do I cancel my Nutrislice order?

Orders can be cancelled through the nutrislice ordering system. Once logged in, go to “order history” and select “cancel order.” Please note that orders cannot be cancelled after the cutoff time of 6 am.

What is Nutrislice app?

Nutrislice lets school districts publish their menus to an interactive website, a smartphone app (‘School Lunch by Nutrislice’) for iPhone and Android, PDFs that can be printed, and more. School districts like Nutrislice Menus because it helps them communicate with their customers.

How do I check out on Nutrislice?

When you are ready to submit the entire order click the bag icon on the top right of the screen, Page 10 then click “checkout,” and follow the checkout steps.

How do I order Nutrislice?