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What is my EU bra size?

Measure circumference around your body (under arms) at the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel with the ground, and not binding. Use both Over Bust Measurement and Under bust Measurement to determine your Cup Size from the Cup Size Chart below. 3.

Are European bra sizes the same as American?

One of the most commonly asked question I get from women is how to convert their UK size. One thing you need to know, band sizes stay the same in US and UK sizing, e.g., a US 32 band is the same as a UK 32 band. In fact, some US brands (and many European brands) will label a DD as an E and a DDD as an F.

What is 34C bra size in Europe?

Women’s Bra Size Conversion Chart

Alpha Size UK & IRE Size EU Bra Size
M 34B 75B
M 34C 75C
M 34D 75D
M 34DD 75DD

What bra size is 40 in US?

Band Size Converter ‍US, UK, Europe, France / Spain, Japan & Australia

USA UK Europe
36 36 80
38 38 85
40 40 90
42 42 95

What is 80E in bra size?

Bra Size Conversion Chart

36D 36DD 80DD
36DD 36E 80E
36F 36F 80F
38A 38B 85B

Is 30D a bra size?

A 30D is the same cup size as a 32C, or a 34B… and so on. The difference here is the band size, or length of the band. (And possibly how the cups are placed on the band. They tend to be spread further apart as the band gets bigger, typically).

Is 34F the same as 34DDD?

34DDD=34F. 34DDDD=34G. 34DDDDD=34H. So I would recommend that you try a 34G.

What is 36A bra?

36A and 34B — they’re both technically a B cup. They’re called Sister Sizes (similar, but not the same!). Here’s a quick guide to how it works, and how you can make adjustments to your bra size.

Is 34D the same as 36C?

You may be hesitant about going up a size in your jeans, but when it comes to finding the right bra, sometimes bigger can fit better. For example, a 36C is the same cup size as a 34D and 32DD. This is because as the back size, or the number, gets smaller, the difference between your back and bust increases.

Which is bigger 36B or 36D?

It’s a common misconception that the larger the cup size, the larger the bra, no matter what the band size (i.e. a 32F is larger than a 36B, a 34C is larger than a 38A, etc). However, this is not the case….Bra Sister Size Size Comparison Chart:

32D 34C 36B
32DD 34D 36C
32DDD 34DD 36D
32F 34DDD 36DD

Is 30D the same as 34B?

However, a 34B is also equivalent in cup volume to a 30D, 32C, and a 36A. All three aforementioned sizes are a B cup despite what their cup letter indicates. This is called sister sizing.

What is the regular bra size?

When people talk about breast size, they often describe it in terms of bra size. The average bra size in the United States is 34DD . This figure can vary by country. In the U.K., for example, the average is 36DD. But pinning down an exact figure for what’s “normal” or “average” isn’t as easy as you might think.

What is US bra size?

Well according to one study of 60,000 people, the average bra size in America is a 34DD . That’s up from a 34B two decades ago. However, at least part of that increase can be attributed to better education on bra sizing, and the fact that it’s far easier nowadays to find a bra in a D+ cup size.

What is the bra size order?

Bra Band Sizes in Order Band sizing typically begins at around 30 inches, although bras that come in 26 inches and 28 inches are not unheard of.

Is a DD bra cup the same as an e?

In other words, their sizes go D, DD, DDD, etc. So among US brands, a DD and E cup are the same thing, DDD and F cup are the same thing, and DDDD and G cup are the same thing. However, just to add to the confusion, the UK has a whole other cup sizing system!