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What is MarketScope Advisor?

Search Database. CFRA MarketScope Advisor provides access to extensive market commentary, independent investment analysis, up-to-date news and data on a broad range of asset classes. It includes Stock and Fund Reports (S&P Equity Research) and Industry Surveys (S&P Industry Surveys).

Is CFRA free?

CFRA Offers Complimentary Access to Independent Research to Help Investors Navigate the Coronavirus Crisis. “Crucial to these efforts is access to high-quality professional research and insights.

What is CFRA cost rating?

CFRA considers critical factors across Reward, Risk and Cost sub- categories, using a relative percentile ranking from 0-100. Scores of 100 are most favorable and imply the fund is positioned favorably relative to a similar group of mutual funds.

Who owns CFRA research?

S&P Global
New York, Oct. 03 2016 — S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) announced today that it has successfully completed its sale of S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Equity and Fund Research (Equity Research) business to CFRA, a leading independent provider of forensic accounting research, analytics and advisory services.

What is marketscope?

A company’s product/market scope defines the products and markets on which it will concentrate. Definition (2): Product/market scope strategies include decisions about which kinds of products business will offer and which markets the business will target with these products.

What does CFRA stand for?


Acronym Definition
CFRA Center For Rural Affairs
CFRA California Family Rights Act
CFRA Center for Financial Research and Analysis
CFRA Contention-Free Random Access (wireless communications)

Do you get paid while on CFRA?

Although employers are required to provide health insurance continuation during CFRA leave, CFRA leave is unpaid. However, employees may be eligible to receive wage replacement benefits under the State of California’s State Disability Insurance (SDI), or Paid Family Leave (PFL) programs.

What is CFRA investment?

CFRA provides in-depth, global ETF data and commentary, giving investors, advisors and institutions key tools for understanding the trends and themes shaping the funds. CFRA Research is grounded in financial, forensic accounting, and valuation analysis.

What is CFRA investing?

How is market scope determined?

“In determining the scope of the product-market, it is helpful to identify (1) the basis for identifying buyers in the product-market of interest (geographical area and buyer characteristics such as age group), (2) the market size and characteristics, and (3) the brand and /or product categories competing for the needs …

What are market scope strategies?

Market-scope strategy deals with the coverage of the market. A business unit may serve an entire market or concentrate on one or more of its parts. Three major alternatives in market-scope strategy are single-market strategy, multimarket strategy, and total-market strategy.