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What is La Tumba about?

La Tumba (The Tomb) is an underground detention facility of a tower in Caracas, Venezuela, that serves as the headquarters for the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN). It was initially designed as offices for the Caracas Metro.

Why is La Tumba important?

No night. La Tumba (Spanish for The Tomb) is the dungeon one hundred meters beneath the city of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which has served as the socialist dictatorship’s hole of horrors. They had been denouncing injustices in Venezuela for almost a decade and had been marked by the government as a target.

Where does the story Tumba take place?

Tumba is centered around the holiday the Day of the Dead in Mexico and is a perfect easy reader for a level one class. The teachers guide and audio book can be purchased here.

What is Tumba in English?

feminine noun. (= sepultura) tomb ⧫ grave.

What does Alex like in Tumba?

He likes to swim and dance.

Who are the characters in Tumba?

Terms in this set (6)

  • Alex. -Social. -Nice. -Talented (Art)
  • David. -Alex is best friend. -Athletic. -Patient.
  • Rosario (Grandma) -REserved. -Patient. -Mysterious.
  • Nora. -Sister of Alex, daughter of Blanca. -Nice. -Daring.
  • Felix. -Grandpa of Alex/Nora, husband of Rosario, dad of Blanca. -Dead.
  • Sergio. -Likes/flirts with Nora. -Mean/cruel.

What is La Tumba Dia de los Muertos?

Other essential words related to death (la muerte) that you’ll need when you’re discussing or preparing for the Day of the Dead are la tumba (the tomb) and el ataúd (the coffin). Other food items are the pan de muerto (which translates literally to bread of dead) and is a special bread made on this particular day.

What are 7 elements of the altar de Muertos?


  • Incense (incienso) Made of copal, which is pine resin, and used to communicate with the spirit world.
  • Bread for the dead (pan de muerto) A sweet treat for the spirits.
  • Water (agua) and other drinks (otras bebidas)
  • Paper banners (papel picado)
  • Skull (calavera)

Why is Alex nervous in Tumba?

Why is Alex nervous on the 31st of Octuber? He is nervous because on November 1st there is a celebration-el Dia de los muertos (day of the dead). Although it is popular in Mexico, Alex does not like it.

Who is the main character in Tumba?

Gabriel Guía
The main character is Gabriel Guía, a teenage high school student, son of a rich couple in Mexico City. He will meet other characters: Dora Castillo, Gabriel’s classmate, friend and the cause of various problems and adventures of Gabriel.

¿Qué ocurrió con la tumba de José Agustín?

Con la primera edición de La tumba, José Agustín inauguró una nueva concepción narrativa; se inventó una sensibilidad diferente, atenta a las expectativas de su generación y empeñada en expresarse a través de una forma de escritura original.

¿Quién fue el autor de la tumba?

La tumba fue la primera novela publicada por José Agustín, iniciador en México de un movimiento literario que sería bautizado, de manera despectiva, como literatura de la Onda por Margo Glantz.

¿Qué es la tumba?

En esta obra el autor narra la vida de un muchacho llamada Gabriel Guía, de clase media-alta y su manera de vivir, similar a la de muchos jóvenes contemporáneos, que se preguntan el sentido de su existencia. Tomaremos las principales características de La Tumba para analizarlas de la siguiente forma: 1.- Narrativa y paradigma

¿Cuál es la revolución en la narrativa de la tumba?

En la narrativa de La Tumba se da una revolución en la manera de escribir y presentar una novela. Recordando el contexto, en esa época llegaba el rock a México así como los jóvenes se abrían a la filosofía y la literatura de grandes pensadores.