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What is GeDoSaTo?

Durante has returned to prominence at the launch of the sequel with GeDoSaTo (Generic DownSampling Tool), a new tool which adds downsampling to Dark Souls 2, allowing for a much clearer image, along with some additional post-processing options, more control over in-game effects, and the option to modify textures in the …

Is the Claymore good in DS2?

The Claymore is a very reliable and popular weapon for both PvE and PvP. At Normal +10 with 40 Strength and 40 Dexterity the Claymore has an Attack Rating of 395 (290+105). At Enchanted +10 with the required minimal values for STR and DEX (20 and 13) and INT of 50 the Claymore does 290 +50 Physical Damage.

Is it OK to skip DS2?

You should most definitely NOT skip it. Seriously. Ignore all expectations, fanboyism, derision, or hype regarding Dark Souls 2. Go in with an empty cup (Bruce Lee), and you will not be disappointed at all.

Is Dark Souls harder than Dark Souls 2?

Is Dark Souls 2 harder than Dark Souls? Dark Souls 2 = harder combat on a moment-to-moment basis. DS1 has some tough (damn skeledoggies) foes but nothing really matches some of DS2’s encounters, particularly in the DLC.

Why is Dark Souls 2 so unresponsive?

DS2 has the most responsive controls in the series. However, there’s no input queuing save for a few exceptions. You’re issuing commands when they count as invalid, that’s why it feels unresponsive.

Why does DS2 feel different?

Part of the reason that Dark Souls 2 was so radically different from the first game was that they both had different directors. Hidetaka Miyazaki directed both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, and he had felt the desire to move on from the Souls games to pursue more original works.

Are there any tweaks for Dark Souls 2?

As well as the downsampling option, the first release of GeDoSaTo also features a few post-processing tweaks that are specific to Dark Souls 2. You can set both the scale and the strength of the ambient occlusion effect by opening the config file again and tweaking the two SSAO entries accordingly.

How to downscale Dark Souls 2 on PC?

Start Dark Souls 2, and ensure you’ve turned anti-aliasing on in the game’s video options. To fine-tune your downscaling options, open up the configuration file called GeDoSaTo, and follow the instructions under ‘Graphics Settings’ to set the render resolution you wish to use, as well as the output settings of your monitor.

How does downsampling work in Dark Souls 2?

In very simple terms, it involves rendering the game at a very high resolution before the GPU in your PC scales the image back down to your monitor resolution. The end result is a much crisper image, with a good deal less aliasing. In order to activate downsampling in the game, follow these simple instructions:

How much space do you need for Dark Souls 2?

A SATA 3-compatible SSD will almost certainly offer the best experience, but note that you’ll need a rather hefty 11.4GB of spare space to install the game. There’s even more good news for those who choose to play the PC version of Dark Souls 2.