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What is GCC in contract?


What is document contract?

A contract document is a written document which defines the work and responsibilities under the construction contract. These documents are legally binding for both the owner and the contractor. Our documents are ironclad and can provide the right level of protection for the completion of your project.

What is GCC in procurement?

Procurement of Goods and Services from indigenous Suppliers.

What is meant by the FIDIC contract?

The term FIDIC stands for the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, FIDIC was established in 1913, headquartered in Genève, and is aimed at finding a resolution in construction sector. FIDIC contracts are represented in few types: FIDIC Rainbow contracts and White Book Contracts.

What is GCC and SCC in Contract?

1.1 In this Contract, the following terms shall be interpreted as indicated: “Purchaser Country” is the country specified in the Special Conditions of Contract (SCC). + “GCC” means the General Conditions of Contract contained in this section. “SCC” means the Special Conditions of Contract.

What is SCC and GCC?

• Special conditions of contract (SCC) shall be read in conjunction with the general conditions of contract (GCC) also referred to as General Terms and conditions of works contract, Schedule of Quantities, Specifications of work, drawings and any other document forming part of this contract wherever the context so …

What is legal contract documents?

Contractual Documents means all documents setting forth Consultant and Authority obligations and responsibilities and includes, but is not limited to, the RFP, the Proposal, this Agreement, any Amendments and addenda, and all exhibits and schedules attached to such documents.

What are the basic contract documents?

Below are 10 construction contract documents that you will probably have to handle when dealing with contractors and architects in Atlanta.

  • Contract Agreements and Contracts.
  • Statement of Work (SOM)
  • General Conditions.
  • Special Conditions.
  • Bill of quantities.
  • Drawings.
  • Master Format Outline.
  • Creating Construction Schedule.

Are there general conditions of contract in GCC 2004?

Institution of Civil Engineering, are applicable to this contract. The general conditions of contract contained in GCC 2004 need to be Copies of these conditions of contract may be made contract specific through the obtained from the South African Institution of Civil contract data.

What does GCC stand for in a contract?

c) “GCC” means General Condition of Contract. d) “RC” means Rate Contract. e) “Contract” means a legal agreement entered into between the purchaser and the supplier, as recorded in the agreements signed by the parties, including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein.

Who is the engineer in the GCC 2004?

GCC 2004 requires the Employer to appoint an “Engineer” to administer the contract as an agent of the Employer in accordance with the provisions of the contract. The Contract Data indicates the areas where specific Employer approvals are required.

What are the general conditions of a contract?

The General Conditions of Contract (GCC), read in conjunction with the Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) and other documents listed therein, is a complete document expressing the rights and obligations of ADB and the CONTRACTOR.