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What is Form DD 2656?

Form DD-2656 is used by the Department of Veterans Affairs to obtain information needed to open a retired payment account. Once you submit this form, your Branch of Service will send it and all other documents to DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay.

Who can witness DD Form 2656?

Notary Public
and 27. a., must obtain the spouse’s concurrence in Section XII. A Notary Public must be the witness. In addition, the witness cannot be named beneficiary in Section V, VIII, or IX.

Where can I find my DD Form 2656-5?

Where to Mail DD Form 2656-5?

  • Army Reserve and Army National Guard mail forms to HRC-Ft.
  • Navy Reserve personnel mail forms to Navy Personnel Command (PERS-912), 5720 Integrity Drive, Millington, TN 38055-9120;
  • Air Force Reserve/Air National Guard mail forms to HQ ARPC/DPTTB, 18420 E.

How much does SBP cost per month?

You can elect full or partial SBP coverage. Full coverage is 55% of your retired pay. DFAS will withhold 6.5% of your retirement pay for full surviving spouse coverage. That means for every $1,000 you get in retirement pay DFAS will withhold $65 monthly for SBP.

Can my ex wife get my military retirement if she remarries?

Military rules make it clear that when an ex-military spouse remarries, the non-monetary benefits he or she retained from her former service member spouse go away. Under most circumstances, a remarriage will not change how or if an ex-spouse continues to receive a portion of the military pension.

How do I apply for the Survivor Benefit Plan?

Enrollment in the Survivor Benefit Plan is done through DD Form 2656 as well. If you do not specify dependents or the amount of coverage, you will be automatically enrolled for all eligible dependents at the full coverage level.

How does Survivor Benefit Plan Work?

The Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) allows a retiree to ensure, after death, a continuous lifetime annuity for their dependents. The annuity which is based on a percentage of retired pay is called SBP and is paid to an eligible beneficiary. It pays your eligible survivors an inflation-adjusted monthly income.

How do I get rid of SBP?

If you have elected NIP SBP coverage, you may terminate it at any time by requesting it in writing. There is no requirement for concurrence by the beneficiary. No refund of previous premiums paid will be made.

Where do I fax DD 2656 6?

To make changes to your spouse election, please complete a Survivor Benefit Plan Election Change Certificate (DD 2656-6) and mail or fax it to DFAS R&A Pay.

Can SBP be Cancelled?

You are free to cancel or terminate your SBP election beginning in the 25th month through the 36th month – or the third year – of your retirement. If you believe you are eligible, please complete a Survivor Benefit Plan Termination Request (DD 2656-2) and mail or fax it to DFAS Retired and Annuitant Pay.