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What is elevator illusion?

Elevator Illusion: An abrupt upward vertical acceleration, as can occur in an updraft, can stimulate the otolith organs to create the illusion of being in a climb. The disoriented pilot may push the aircraft into a nose-low attitude.

What is Somatogravic illusion in aviation?

Somatogravic illusions occur during rapid acceleration and deceleration flight movements. Specifically, this illusion usually happens when there’s limited exterior visibility and a pilot reacts to body senses over actual flight path and instrument readings.

What is the Coriolis illusion in aviation?

The Coriolis Illusion involves the simultaneous stimulation of two semi- circular canals and is associated with a sudden tilting (forward or backwards) of the pilot’s head while the aircraft is turning.

What is illusion in aviation?

Visual illusions occur when the pilot’s eye is deceived into making a faulty assessment of aircraft position or orientation in relation to the external environment.

What is inversion illusion?

An optical illusion that can result in spatial disorientation for the pilot. This is caused by an abrupt change from climb to a straight and level flight, which can excessively stimulate the sensory organs for gravity and linear acceleration, and which gives the illusion of tumbling backward.

What are vestibular illusions?

In general, vestibular illusions occur under conditions in which a pilot is unable to see a clear horizontal reference. The risk is increased at night, in clouds or in bad weather. A number of vestibular-related spatial disorientation illusions have been well-described in the literature.

What is the black hole illusion?

A visual illusion known as “black hole effect” is another inherent risk of night visual approaches. The black hole illusion, sometimes called the featureless terrain illusion, fools pilots into thinking they are higher than they actually are, causing them to fly dangerously low approaches.

What is Oculogravic illusion?

an illusory displacement of an object that may occur when the direction of gravity changes (e.g., a line may appear to tilt in an aircraft during a roll).

What is perspective illusion?

Perspective is an important feature of visual perception. Far away objects project onto smaller retinal images and are thus seen as smaller than those near by. Inversely, same size objects may appear as different if placed on a persective drawing.

What is Autokinesis illusion?

The autokinetic effect (also referred to as autokinesis) is a phenomenon of visual perception in which a stationary, small point of light in an otherwise dark or featureless environment appears to move. It presumably occurs because motion perception is always relative to some reference point.

What are the types of vestibular illusions?

The Different Types Of Vestibular Illusions

  • 1) “The Leans” The Leans happen when you enter a banked turn too slowly.
  • 2) Coriolis Illusion.
  • 3) Graveyard Spiral.
  • 4) Somatogravic Illusion.
  • 5) Inversion Illusion.
  • 6) Elevator Illusion.