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What is direct vent gas stoves?

Direct-vent products are sealed combustion appliances that do not interact with the air in your home except to efficiently provide abundant heat. A two-pipe venting system carries the appliances burnt combustion gases to the outside for combustion purposes.

What is the most energy efficient direct vent gas fireplace?

Today, Ortal is the premier designer and builder of high-quality frameless gas fireplaces.

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What is the difference between direct vent and B vent?

A B-vent must be vented vertically and uses fresh air from inside the home to provide oxygen to the fire. A direct vent has a sealed glass front and pulls all of its fresh air from outside the home. Direct vents can be vented vertically or horizontally through an exterior wall.

What is the difference between direct vent and non direct vent?

Direct vent (two-pipe) vent system – This system uses one pipe to bring in outside air for combustion and another to remove exhaust gases. Non-direct (single-pipe) vent system – This system uses only one pipe to remove exhaust gases.

Are direct vent gas fireplaces efficient?

Direct vent gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts produce highly efficient heat in a broad range of sizes and can be installed almost anywhere in the home. In fact, they are the most requested type of hearth system by U.S. consumers today.

How does a direct vent fireplace heat a room?

Direct vent fireplaces burn natural gas or propane like traditional fireplaces; however, they convert most of the fuel to usable heat. They are completely sealed off from the interior rooms by a glass door, which prevents significant heat loss.

How much does a direct vent fireplace cost?

The cost to install a direct-vent gas fireplace ranges from $3,500 to $7,500, depending on the options included, the specific brand and type of appliance and venting needs. Here is a cost breakdown from My Hoosier Hearth:

What is a vent free wall heater?

The Vent Free Heaters come in radiant or blue flame indoor safe wall-mountable heaters that run off of either propane or natural gas. This heater is the perfect supplemental heating solution even on the coldest days.

How do ventless gas heaters work?

Ventless gas heaters are room-heating furnaces that do not vent air to the outside of the house. Instead, the oxygen that is needed to fuel the combustion process for heat is taken from the air inside of the room in which the unit is placed, and the resulting heat is vented back out directly from the unit.

What is a B vent stove?

B-Vent Stoves. B-vent or natural vent wood stoves use air from inside your home to fuel combustion and rely on the buoyancy of hot gases to vent exhaust through dedicated pipe systems.