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What is Delta SkyBonus program?

SkyBonus is Delta´s complimentary business travel rewards program for small to medium companies. SkyBonus rewards your company with points for every dollar spent on business travel by verifiable employees and for all published fares.

What are SkyBonus points?

SkyBonus is a business travel rewards program for small to mid-sized companies. SkyBonus turns your business travel budget into rewards by converting the dollars your company spends into SkyBonus points, and enrollment is free.

Why does Delta ask if you are a business owner?

The idea is to provide incentives to small-business owners or the company travel manager to book employee travel through the airline. You’ll be required to provide your company’s Federal Tax ID number (EIN), and there are also reports that Delta does some due diligence like checking for a valid business website.

Can Delta employees earn SkyMiles?

Employees will be eligible for all of the benefits of an annual Delta Sky Club membership; however, additional restrictions do apply. Active/retired Delta employees and subsidiary members may use the Delta Sky Club while utilizing their pass privileges.

What is a Delta SkyBonus number?

If your request is urgent, please call the SkyBonus Service Center at 877-832-5211.

Do you have to be vaccinated to fly in Delta?

Customers who have been fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks, or have had COVID-19 within the last 90 days and have fully recovered so that they are not contagious, may travel at any time after exposure as long as they are symptom free. Exposure is considered: Any face-to-face contact with an infected individual, or.

What is Delta first luxury?

It includes a lie-flat bed, premium food and beverage, and other luxury perks. Still, it offers what most people associate with a “first class” ticket, including lie-flat seats and premium food. Some flights offer first class cabins and others offer Delta One cabins, but no flights offer both.

What happens to Delta SkyMiles when someone dies?

Delta doesn’t have an established, no-cost program in place for transferring Delta SkyMiles if a member passes away. When informed of the death, the airline will cancel the account of the deceased member, with any unused SkyMiles rewards being forfeited.

How does Delta SkyBonus work for business travel?

SkyBonus turns your business travel budget into rewards by converting the dollars your company spends on eligible flights with Delta, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Aeromexico, Virgin Atlantic or any of our codeshare partners into SkyBonus points.

What are benefits of Delta SkyMiles business card?

With every Delta SkyMiles Business Card, you’ll receive exclusive Card Member benefits that help you earn miles and enhance your travel experience. Option to Add Employee Cards to your account for no annual fee to earn more miles on qualifying purchases.‡ Manage your Business Card expenses as you go.

What can I do with my Delta Sky points?

Your company can redeem those points for valuable rewards such as flight certificates, upgrades, Delta Sky Club® passes, and more – all while your employees continue to earn their miles in the SkyMiles® program.

What do you need to know about Delta One experience?

You can also find the Delta One experience on select domestic markets. On board, you’ll experience a higher standard of flying with the must-haves you won’t find on just any airline. You’ll enjoy a 180-degree flat-bed seat, a dedicated flight attendant, and an assortment of special amenities to make your journey a comfortable one.