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What is db2 schema?

DB2 Schema is a collection of named objects classify logically in the database. In a database, it is not possible to create multiple database objects with same name. To do so schema provides a group environment. A schema can contain tables, functions, indices, tablespaces, procedures, triggers etc.

How can I see all tables in db2?

To list tables run the following commands:

  1. db2.
  2. connect to
  3. list tables for schema
  4. db2 => connect to TBSMHIST.
  5. Database Connection Information.
  6. Database server = DB2/LINUXX8664 9.7.0. SQL authorization ID = DB2INST1.
  7. db2 => list tables for schema TBSMHISTORY.
  8. Table/View Schema Type Creation time.

What are the system tables in db2?

Tables are logical structure maintained by Database manager. In a table each vertical block called as column (Tuple) and each horizontal block called as row (Entity). The collection of data stored in the form of columns and rows is known as a table.

How do I find the schema name for a table in db2?

select * from sysibm. systables where owner = ‘SCHEMA’ and name like ‘%CUR%’ and type = ‘T’; This will give you all the tables with CUR in them in the SCHEMA schema.

How do you describe a table in Db2?

In DB2, enter on db2 command prompt. Also the following command works: describe SELECT * FROM table_name; Where the select statement can be replaced with any other select statement, which is quite useful for complex inserts with select for example.

How do I write a select query in db2?

Here is the simplest form of the SELECT statement:

  1. SELECT select_list FROM table_name;
  2. SELECT title FROM books;
  3. SELECT title, isbn FROM books;
  4. SELECT book_id, title, total_pages, rating, isbn, published_date, publisher_id FROM books;
  5. SELECT * FROM books;
  6. SELECT expression FROM sysibm.sysdummy1;

How do you check which tablespace a table belongs to in db2?

Finding container information for DB2 UDB

  1. Connect to the database PROD as the instance owner.
  2. Enter the following query to display all the tablespaces in the table TABLE01.
  3. After locating the tablespace name, enter the following command to find the container path name: $db2 list tablespaces.

Which table controls DB2?

Historical analysis (QUERY_ANALYSIS) control table. Contains data generated by historical analysis using DB2 Explain data. This table is populated when historical data generation is performed. Records are deleted from this table when the corresponding entry in the TRACK_QUERY_INFO table is deleted.

How do you describe a table in DB2?

What is alias in DB2?

An alias is a substitute for the three-part name of a table or view. The alias name can be used wherever the table name or view name can be used to refer to the table or view in an SQL statement. Suppose that data is occasionally moved from one Db2 subsystem to another.

How do I query a schema in DB2?

DB2 list schemas of a database

  1. Step 1 – Connect to the database. view source. db2 connect to my_database.
  2. Step 2 – Execute this query. view source. select schemaname from syscat.schemata. If you want to connect to another schema – read DB2 SET CURRENT SCHEMA. The recordset is something like :

How many sysdummy tables are present in DB2?

The are four Sysdummy tables in DB2. One is SYSDUMMY1, SYSDUMMYA, SYSDUMMYE and SYSDUMMYU. The SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1 table contains one row. The table is used for SQL statements in which a table reference is required, but the contents of the table are not important.

What is the default schema in DB2?

Default schema. Optionally, you can specify a string to instruct the Data Provider to restrict schema queries to a single database schema, which improves efficiency and performance. The default is an empty string. DB2 database objects are organized into logical groups called schemas.

How do I list tables in a database?

The command that you should use to list the tables in an Oracle database depends on what information you’re looking to isolate. To list all the tables related the current user, enter SELECT table_name FROM user_tables; . To list the tables accessible by the user, key in SELECT table_name FROM all_tables; .

What is a DB2 catalog?

The DB2 catalog consists of tables of data about everything defined to the DB2 system, including table spaces, indexes, tables, copies of table spaces and indexes, and storage groups. The system database DSNDB06 contains the DB2 catalog.